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Atari Jaguar Switch Repair


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Hi all,


New member, longtime lurker.  I recently fulfilled one of my dreams and picked up a used Jaguar at local tradeshow.  The guy said the unit worked but couldn't power it on at the show so I took a risk and bought it.  I got the unit home and the power light flickers and then goes off, but if I hold the red button just right it will keep the console on and it boots fine.  I took the cover off and there is a white plastic peg that is broken laying inside the case on top of the motherboard next to the switch.  I cleaned the little switch under the red button, but it still will not keep the console on without me having to hold it.


I see there are replacement buttons but do not have the means to solder it on.  If there are people experienced with this and willing to help I will pay you for your time to fix this for me and provide the button if needed.  I am in the ATL area, but can ship the unit.


Thank you!

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