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Magnavox / Philips 200 voltage problem


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Just managed to acquire a really old console; A Philips Odyssey 200. Unfortunately, it behaves strangely. The picture is warped and it does not seem to start as intended.

As the first picture below shows, I get some strange results. I can manipulate the two darker icons with the controls but the game doesn't seem to start, the "ball" is missing and nothing really happens. And before anyone asks if it's the TV coulnd't tune into the right channel, what is shown is actually composite since I have connected an external composite circuit. When using RF the picture remain the same though obviously blurrier.

What I primarily wonder about is whether this can be due to low voltage. The original battery holder is missing (second picture) but it's supposed to accommodate 6 C batteries for a total of 9V. Instead, a previous owner has soldered an external AC adaptor that can only handle 4.5V (is tested and gives 5V so well within tolerances)







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