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Activision Blast question

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Would someone mind telling me exactly what kind of USB cable I need for the Activision Blast? It would be to attach to the flash-drive unit that plugs into the television. 


Believe it or not, I only own an old cell phone that I use for emergencies and have an adapter to charge it. I have an Apple cable that I use to charge my Apple remote, which is not compatible. Strangely, I've tried some electronics departments and no one could tell me what I needed (or did not have the confidence for it).


I have an idea what I should get, but am asking here nevertheless because the last thing I purchased for my Atari Flashback Portable (to hook to the TV) did not work. Obviously the issue is not having a long-enough cable for the Blast product (AtGames, understandably, must place all its investment in licensing and apparently has to cut costs where possible). 



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Sounds like he wants to extend the length, so I assume his tv may not have a USB port nearby even though most do. 


An alternate option is just a regular USB extension cable. That would extend the length of the cable that came with the Blast unit, which has a regular full size USB connector at the end that you're supposed to plug into your television to power the system (Which you'd instead plug into the female end of the extension cable).


If you're like me, you probably have one or two of these already that were bought long ago for long forgotten reasons that are now just collecting dust. But if you have to buy something, just buy what bcombee said in the required length that you need. One cable is always better than two and a micro usb cable is so ubiquitous that it's going to be cheaper than an USB extension cable.

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Just getting back to the thread now after so long, sorry. Didn't realize anyone had replied. Thanks.


I did end up finding one a while after I posted that someone in the house had, so yes, it was something just collecting dust in a corner. I appreciate the responses. Blast is pretty cool and convenient now...

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