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Headphone mode and blu ray/3D/4K/DVD


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In know that a surround headphone converter, like a Turtle Beach X41, X42, and DSS, take full Dolby 5.1/7.1 coded and convert it to Dobly ehadphone, a stereo soundtrack that sounds normal in communal speakers, but sounds like a 3D soundstage in a 2 track format when listrend to in headphnes that cover ears..


Most 2 track devices, can record and play, and stream a live surround track synched  with video, and preserved the location of the sounds.  I've seen it in an MP3 Recorder/Player, DVD recorder/player., I guess it will work with VHS and Beta too,assumoing it’s stereo. M friend is an ameteur, but because he put on Dolby Atmos Headphone app piped throught HDMI output playing Xbox One Sea of Thieves, and on stream, I could hear directon in al 3 dimensions and all degrees.


1 got 2 choices Turtle Beach or Dolby app


I know Dolby Atmos movies sound better than X41s in the Dolby Atmos Headphone app.   The question is, in terms of directionality, which is better TB or Dolby for...


Lower Dolbys (5.1, 7,1)  I know the TBs wor by experience.   I’m not sure ff the DAH app can handle lower Dolbys at all, and which is better?


DTS (5.1, 7.1, I don't have any DTS:X movie discs. so I don’t know)  I know The Xbox One, as well as the Ps4 and PS3 for Blu Ray and 3D, 360 of HD DVD, and PS2 and Xbox Prime for DVD all have at least a DTS-> Dolby converter.   The console translates DTS ->Dolby then the TB turns Dolby ->> Dolby Headphone so headphone guys didn’t have to. And it sounds great.


It seems like when I choose Dolby Atmos Headphone, the  options about "translate all to Dolby are ghosted out,   Does that mean there’s no DTS conversion, or does that mean the Atmos Headphone app is converting it. Talking to Dolby helptheir own brand of headphone convert all sound formnats, high or low, Dolby, DTD,s and LPCM, into Dolby Atmos Headphone, and said that if you have a lower source, it works and sounds exactly like the 5.1/ 7.1 headphone conversion.


And LPCM 5.1/7.1  i know the TB can’t so it, because it uses Toslink,a dn the best LPCM can do is 2.9 via toslink. I haven’t compared Apocalypto, that one of 2 movies I have in LPCM 5.1+ Can the App handle LPCM surround?


I have a turtle beach in a different room with a stand alone 4k/3D/bd/dvd.  And it is silent in DTS.  Te sony headphones sound notn silent, but the DTS direction is not as good at TB, because I heard SOny uses thier own prpietry headphone converter. It does Dolby decently, but DTS is not as wild.


2 question about upstairs.


The perfect solurion would be like a Turtle Beach DSS (inputs Toslink, converts and spits out 3.5 mm headphone), hook that up to an FM transmitter, and get surround with a Walkman and any wired headphone (other than buds, buds don’t have echo and reverb effects.) EXCEPT 2 things....


1) It can accept for translation, all 3 sound format families and all levels to today’s top as source material

2)  It can output in some way where I can easily multiply the signal (what’s cheaper FM transmitter or multiple splitters?) and all output have some headphone format  of very directionally accurate and obvious sound.

3) it can input 3 or all 4 carrier formats, HDMI (so I can get LPCM 5.1+ and actually play Switch in the TV  and Wii Uwith a Wimote , L/R, Toslink ( or combine them in 3.5 mm analog-compatible Mini-toslink), Coaxial ifi either don’t have Toslink or mini toslink, or if I can access directly Laser Disc AC3 without buying a separate AC3-> DOlby 5.1 converter.

4) Since we don’t have communal surround sound, I prefer the output in HDMI in Ha Headphone language,.


And I don’t need any particular headphone format,ifI have no choice, I’ll take any, or nothing.

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