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Dead Tomb (Phoenix Exclusive)


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The very first Phoenix exclusive game is in development and should be available at the end of the year!

In the year 3017 , the Videoway Corp., your employer sends you to study on the last ice age , which ended about 10,000 BC.
During this long journey through space and time, your ship is experiencing some technical problems while you fly to Egypt 1300 BC.
You have to land your ship for repairs . The only accessible place is the truncated top of a huge pyramid.
You’re almost done, the only thing left is to replace the diamond
(wich is used for space-time generator),
when the Pharaoh Seti 1st’ soldiers find you …
You woke up inside the pyramid with a huge bump on your head…

More Phoenix Exclusive titles coming up!
The best is yet to come!

Get your Phoenix console now!



Intro Screen 4.png

Intro Screen 8 - Title Screen.png

Scene B.png

Scene N.png

Frame 1.png

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8 minutes ago, Serguei2 said:

I noted the nes version is published by Acclaim.


Is Dead Tomb a port from which system?

The game (Dead Tomb) is based off a very obscure game made for Videoway, a cable service box we had in Canada ( also UK from what I've heard) 
The original game is called: Temporel Inc 

Sadly, all those games on Videoway are all gone by now, there's just no way to play them anymore

So I've decided to make a clone; Dead Tomb 
The game has been made for NES and I've decided to make it a Phoenix exclusive as well 

I'm currently working on a Dreamcast port as well 

Original game below


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On 7/19/2019 at 5:30 PM, retroillucid said:

Oh, it will also get release for NES as well

By Phoenix Exclusive, it means you won't be able to play the game on a original CV or SGM
It will only plays on Phoenix 

will the game use the same cartridge as the colecovision

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It has been decided to NOT make any Phoenix exclusive games 
Instead, we want our games to be compatible with BOTH regular ColecoVision AND the Phoenix 

If you insert one of our ''Wafer Cartridge'' into a regular ColecoVision, the game will plays just like a regular ColecoVision cartridge. 
If you insert it into the Phoenix, then the game will/could have more features/levels and/or better graphics

Our very first ''Wafer Cartridge'' is going to be Dead Tomb 
The game is all done, we're entering the beta testing phase 
Unless I'm not aware, Dead Tomb is going to be the very first point n click game on ColecoVision 


Frame 1.png

Scene G-A.png





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