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Hack help with colors and music?


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I am new to hacking and so far I've been able to make a few on my own.  They're not great, but I'm learning.  I used Hack-o-matic to do them.  How does one change the colors of the sprites?  And the music?  I know the second one is probably a real chore.  I'm wanting to hack Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle and make it into a Moomin game for my daughter.  Thanks!!

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On 7/24/2019 at 7:55 PM, 4ever2600 said:

Do a search for smurf hacks.  Someone in the past hacked into a super Mario game... You could compare differences and find where all gfx changes happen.  


THAT is a fantastic idea.  



Super Mario Bros.bin



Graphically this is different, but they didn't hack the music.   Well ok.   But this will be good to compare binaries to find where some of the color codes are, yadda yadda.


I've been working on this at ClassicGamer74's request for a few days.  I think I found where the music is somewhat.  This is a very impressive game, and here I thought Coleco programming for the 2600 was junk.   Or was that... to make sure their 2600 ports were a far cry from the ColecoVision ports?

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