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Doom Classic now on eshop


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2 hours ago, Daj said:

Doom 64 drops in a couple of days... my favorite Doom game. Will have some added content as well.

Thanks for the reminder -- literally 2 days!!!




We already have Turok Dino Hunter on Switch, which was also an N64 game. I keep thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have more N64 games on Switch, forgetting that these are not straight ports from ye olde console version. 

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I hope that like Turok which did hit the Switch the Doom 64 upgrade goes reverse to PC as that would be awesome.


The makers of the Turok game in fact got started doing DOOM 64 EX for the PC/Linux groups of people.  You use their app, and a sub-tool that takes the N64 game and makes a WAD file out of the assets, and then it just works on your computer.  It's amazing, and they having been interviewed in the past about it, used that core to create Turok which almost arrived on PC, then they went all official and then you got Turok 1, 2 and Strife remastered instead.

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7 hours ago, dj_convoy said:

Hopefully including some balanced gamma settings. :lol:

iirc the original defaulted to the lowest brightness setting by mistake and it was ok if you went in and fixed it (every time you played...). But yeah, I'm sure they've got it covered.

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On 9/27/2020 at 2:08 PM, Asaki said:

Already got it... 8)



As do I, but there are some very distinct changes and improvements you can't overlook from the original.  The hellishly poor decision making on lighting, shadow and outright gamma have been addressed.  The game runs at a consistent smooth frame rate and time, and the look of all the angles, walls, edges, textures are sharper.  Oh and they added an added episode to the game that binds it to the resurrected franchise of the last few years (Doom 2016+Eternal.)

I ordered it, it'll arrive hopefully knowing this, sometime this year (or next.)  Still waiting on Panzer Dragoon, Blaster Master 0 1+2, and Grandia HD Collection.

I know I have like X Switch games so far, yet whenever these decide to get out of purgatory I'll have a notable increase of things to do...eventually.

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