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Happy Birthday!) Hack of Air-Sea Battle


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 Since before I even started my channel people have talked about Birthday Mania and how they want to play it or would like to have it. I decided to make my own version of Birthday Mania and call it "Happy Birthday". It's a hack of Air-Sea Battle. 


Here is what the game is about: "It's your birthday! Your best friend (or twin) and you are blowing out candles, collecting toys, gift cards, and other goodies on your birthday. This covers levels 1-12.

Level 13-15: This birthday is a disaster! All you received this year were clothes (shirt and socks) and your crazy Uncle Billy got you a raincheck! Shoot the bad presents!

Levels 16-18 Same as 1-12 except you're moving and so are the toys. I didn't know what to put in this one. I tried to make the sprites of you look like the top of the head in Birthday Mania.

Levels 19 and up: It's a disaster! Your mom put too much yeast in the cake mix and now it's come to life and wants to ruin your party! You take on the role of the mutant cake and try to shoot all the presents and the kids!

Let me know what you think. Again this is my first serious hack, so...

Happy Birthday! (Air-Sea Battle Hack by Classic Gamer 74).bin

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