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JTRM - The Jaguar Technical Reference Manual


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For some reason I thought that this had been posted on Atari Age some time in the distant past, and if it has, the search can't find it.  So I'm posting it here, now, for your reading pleasure*.  :)


*Reading pleasure not guaranteed, your reading pleasure may vary


N.B.: This is version 8 by John Matheison, if there's interest in the earlier version I will post it in this thread as well.

Jaguar Technical Reference v8.pdf

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3 hours ago, TXG/MNX said:



You are the writer of that dicument right? Why you set a status dont distribute?

I hope youre doing ok.

Best regards,

Verstuurd vanaf mijn POCO F1 met Tapatalk

No - Stephen Moss was responsible for this document (too many Steves in the Atari world).  I am not sure where I got it - if I or anyone can contact him and ask permission, perhaps it can go out.  It was on;y a minor draft revision - I have not looked to see the differences.

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On 7/31/2019 at 1:14 AM, Stephen said:

No - Stephen Moss was responsible for this document (too many Steves in the Atari world).

It's like secondary school, there were 4 of us in my math class, the we all seemed to know which one of us the teacher was talking to, must have been the tone in her voice.


It was a draft version I released in order to obtain feedback from effectively a developer focus group those at the time with the most hard/software knowledge, expertise, and likelihood of producing new hardware/games on the changes made before releasing it. Particularly the Advanced controller section with was a virtual rewrite, the way Atari did it was the best way with the technology available at the time (like initially using internal ADC before Bank Switching was developed) but with today's faster microcontrollers my method is better.

I need to know if those key players at the time could both understand and agree with the new advanced controller method before releasing it as it would have been rather presumptious and arrogant of me to just release a document try to dictate to all future developers, this is how advanced controller operate from now on.

Hence it being marked as a draft and not for distribution as I did not want people getting hold of and working to information that may not have been the "standard method" going forward. It's not like writing a new programming language or IDE for the Jag where people can choose it or the existing one, it was stating if you want to use new advanced controllers this is how so there had to be a consensus of opinion. 


I can't remember what changes I have made since that original draft release but I was/am going to add a schematic for both the cartridge (once I have traced it out, unless someone has a better one than that on Matthias Domin's site), the Team Tap and possibly the CD unit if I can find (sure I had one) it and release it as part of a bundle alongside the updated Index, GetStarted (added info on Skunkboard, BelBoz and Raptor dev software) & SoftRef (incorporates data from HWbugs doc at a relevant places instead of a separate document) docs. I guess I'll have too add the Jaguar SD cart to Get Started at some point  if it has the alluded to dev functionality mentioned.

I did get a bit lost with all the different ALN/SLN replacements from SubQmod, DrTypo and the Reboot guys that seemed to be comming out almost weekly for a period and whether or not they are all interchangeable and so I am not sure which is currently the best/most up to date/maintained.

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