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Voice Inflection in IntelliVoice?

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Part of why I've steered away from adding IntelliVoice support to any of my projects is that most of what I've heard in indie games has been monotone.  But the game Steamroller has voice inflection (plus the original Mattel games), so I know it's possible.  Nanochess' book doesn't have anything about changing the pitch within a voice sample, unless I missed it.  So how do I create a voice sample with a variance in the pitch?

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The voices that come with IntyBASIC are the monotone SP0256-AL2 samples.  It may be possible to change their pitches within a small range, but otherwise they're just fixed data.


The voice samples you hear in games such as Steamroller are actual WAV samples that have been put through a voice encoder and converted to SP0256 data. 

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