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VES wiki question(s)


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Sorry, this is probably more for @e5frog I had a few questions.


1) Is the wiki editable by anyone other than yourself? I imagine its probably protected for a reason, which I totally understand!

2) There is a number of example code in the wiki, which has been immensely helpful - when it can be made easily working. I am attempting to try Full Screen Picture but I'm finding I'm missing some included files that the code references. I've scoured the wiki to find some of the code, and I think I've found what is intended to be multiblit.inc and picture-palette.inc but I'm missing code for blue, red, green and multicolor .inc files.

3) There is a number of difficult areas in the wiki to understand which code / programs is used for what, for example some is intended for dasm, some for F8tool, etc - some links is now broken too - I'm happy to try and help with some of this reformatting if that would be helpful.

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I can probably set up accounts somehow, "back in the day" only me and Tim were adding stuff, don't know how at the moment... 


I see how it can be difficult, things are spread around a bit and perhaps not a good introduction.
The package was downloadable before site crashed when server was at Tim's place.

I have tried to patch it up since then but IIRC I didn't have any backup of the C64 Defender of The Crown image showing program. 

I'll see if I can put something together, made some updates to the page for now. 


When converting an image with Kurt Woloch's converter you get both the palette data and the multicolor image data.



Note however that it only covers the full screen seen in emulation, a well adjusted TV in combination with some consoles will show one or more pixel lines in one or more positions. 
To be sure you have everything covered I recommend 108x64pixels, starting at real position (0,0).

Some routines add 4 to coordinates to make (0,0) the top left corner in the emulated window, which slows things down among other things. 


Likewise a user's TV image can be "zoomed" in and off center in any direction so you don't want to place any important details along any edge.


The graphics converter I wrote handles blit or multiBlit graphics, you unfortunately don't get a palette, maybe that's something I should add for widths larger than 101... 



If you're really really set on making an image by drawing the colors separately you need to separate them in a drawing program, run them through my converter (or some other way). MultiBlit version is faster though. 





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