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gp2x help


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hey everybody!!! about six months ago i bought a gp2x (i know most people don't know about this, but i decided to ask anyway)

the gp2x is a hand held linux based device that plays games perfectly. i bought the cradle which you put the gp2x in a holder that puts the option of four usb slots where you can put four usb controllers in.  i bought 2 snes usb controllers and it works great.  here's the question. how do you make it so the usb snes controllers work on the nes part of the device?

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the cradle is so rare because when it came to  to buying it, it was 200.00.  most people didn't buy them because of its price tag.

so, over the years it became ultra mega rare. i was darn lucky to find it when i did because after buying mine on ebay, last year

i have never seen it anywhere again.  here is a link for you to find out more about it. thanks for talking with me.



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