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Area 51 Escape (Journey Escape Hack)

Jamcat Reloaded

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You and 4 friends decided to join the raid on Area 51 looking for aliens. Not a good idea. Now your 4 friends and you have to get back to your van and escape Area 51. Your 4 friends first, each one at a time, then you.


On your way to your yellow van, you must avoid running into aircraft hangars, spotlights, soldiers in red battle gear, and scientists in biohazard suits. Running into any of these things will slow you down, and subtract points from your score. You start with a score of 50,000.


You will have a little help along the way. 


During the raid, some of the aliens have escaped containment and are running loose around the base grounds. If you grab an alien, you will be invincible to objects for a short time.


There are also captured UFOs on the base as well. If you manage to find one, you will be totally invincible on your way to your van.


Your friends and you each have 1 minute to reach your van. If any friend or you are unable to reach the van within that time, you and your friends will be captured and arrested, and the game will be over. If a friend makes it to the van in less than a minute, the next friend or you will get the extra remaining time added to your time. 













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