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Atari Flashback cases/bags?

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Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone ever came across a nice case similar to the one offered for the super retrocade for the Atari flashback 2 - 9? I was recently given a Flashback 8 and I really it. Id like to have a nice way to store this thing and not have to keep my original box lying around. I know there is a bag available that is marketed for flashbacks, has anyone had any experience with that one?


If not, what do you use to store/ carry around these things?







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For my Atari Flashback Portable, I use a small purse that is the perfect size for it. Even has enough room for my AV cable and the charging cable. Not very manly, but it doesn't leave the house. :) 


For the consoles, most are still in their original boxes but I'm slowly getting small plastic bins and transferring them to those.

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I bought little cases for my SNES and Playstation minis because the wired controllers would be a mess otherwise. They're all over amazon. Those are easier to stow because the controllers are flatter than ye olde Atari sticks. 


The Atari Flashback is less of a smash hit but I did find this little laptop case thing -- only because they explicitly said it would fit. It costs a bit more than maybe it should, but seems like it would work. 


USA Gear Carrying Case - Compatible with Atari Flashback 8 7, 6, 5, Deluxe & Gold - S7 Pro - Adjustable Dividers & Accessory Pockets Hold Games, Controllers, Joysticks, Cables, and More Accessories https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MQRVE49/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_U-RrDb2PXRRPW

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