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Atari Lynx game release at PRGE: On Duty

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This game is participating in the Atari Lynx 30-years anniversary competition. So you can load and play it for free after 1st of September.


For people who want real carts for the Lynx there will be a boxed release at PRGE.




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Yes. As it is a 30-year anniversary I was planning to part with them for $30.


My guess is that these will be at Mark/Space table. I had some discussions with Brian about this.


The number of boxes I can carry with me is limited of course. You can also play it on SD cart or using some emulators that can emulate eeprom correctly. There will be a link available on 1st of September (competition dead line).


The game is currently 380k and there is an eeprom on board.


There is a risk that I add a few extra missions after the competition. The competition time schedule is a bit tight so I squeeze in a short ending to the story. For the cart I would like to have the original ending that I planned to have there. So the game will likely eat all 512k that is available on the cart.

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3 hours ago, TrekMD said:

That's cool.  It'll be nice to meet you at PRGE.

Meeting other Retro enthusiasts is really nice. I was at the Amiga 30 year party in Amsterdam and met all the cool old-timers and modern Lynx wizards.

So please come and say hi. That is me with the White Cow Lynx. It was a stormtrooper inspired Lynx but R.J. claimed that it is a cow Lynx. So who am I to argue with the Lynx hardware designer.


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I just decided to get a small corner for myself at the expo. The venue was pretty much sold out but I got a small spot "in our Annex room (which is just across the lobby from the main vendor hall)". I reserved it under the name "White Lynx Productions".

I plan to present all games we have been doing for the last year and also a nice retro jukebox running on Raspberry Pi. (This is completely fake - but was fun to do. And it is frequently used at home.)  The disc changing and platter roll is done in OpenGL. (Still waiting for the monitor to go into the poster)

I hope the stand will be a nice place to talk about our beloved handheld and what kind of games you like to see in the future.



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Thanks for having your awesome game for sale at PRGE Karri! So glad I stopped by and was able to grab a copy of the game....I streamed it this past week to show off your game and loved what I played so far! Will need to go back and finish the game at some point but great job!


On Duty starts 23 minutes in:


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