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VCF-West SLCC Atari 400/800 40th Aniversary Display


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Hi everyone.

I thought I's post a few pictures of our tables. I'll post more from other members later when I get them.

We had all the hardware, manuals, and software released in 1979 & early 1980 for the 400/800.

Our 400 and 800's were up and running games and demos. We had our Comdex/CES Atari display cabinet running E.R.I.C. or games.

The 400 was connected to the initial version of the 410, and an 822 or 820 printers. I had both versions of the larger 410, one with and one without a power cord. We also had the later version too. There was an 830 modem as well.

The 800 was connected to the 815, or the 810's (both door versions). It was also connected to the 825 though the 850. I added the 835 just to be complete.

We ran the In-Store Demo cartilage a lot. The gentleman that wrote that demo stopped by and talked about it for a while.

Al Alcorn also stopped by for a while, and reminisced about the problems with FCC. He said that little input on the design of the 400/800 but he did say that he told the developers to change how System Reset works. He told them it should NOT wipe memory. He is a very nice guy.

Leonard Tramiel Stopped by several times on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday he had Bill Herd with him. 

We had a shelf in the back that had all the large black, blue, dark gray software. Another self had the similar design but smaller boxes. On the top shelf we had some of the original brown shipping boxes for some of the hardware. Some had new-in-the-box units.

We had another 800 without the top on so we could show the OS/Ram cards. There are always questions about the right cart slot, so I brought a Monkey Wrench cart to show that there were actually something for it.

On the left Bob1200XL was showing is 14mhz 1200XL running speed circles around the stock 1200XL next to it.

Our display was very busy. Everyone that stopped by wanted to ask questions or tell stories about their Atari computer experiences. It was a lot of fun!!



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Fantastic display, looks like lots of people actually sutting down and getting hands on with things! Definitely a runner up to the VCF east display. Really cool to see such a complete collection on display. Kudos on the ERIC, 815, and other rare goodies that most of us had not seen or even known about until recent years. :)


I wonder if Leonard Tramiel was wondering where all the ST stuff was? ;)


Thanks for sharing the photos.

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Thanks for posting the photos Kevin. Looks like you had the 400/800 series represented very well ?. Although too bad you guys didn't have the same location as last year, which put you smack dab in the middle of the whole show. Looks like those darn Apple 1 people really took over this year ;) .


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