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Anyone have the JVC JX-S777 switcher? Question about component with it


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I just bought one, and now I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake considering I already had the JVC-S700.  I bought the S777 because it had 2 component inputs and 1 component output, and although I knew it wasn't going to do any upconversion of the composite/S-video signals, from what little information I am able to find on this switch, it sounds like it won't output S-video/composite to the component at all, sort of defeating the purpose of why I bought it in the first place.  So I'd have to have a strange setup with 2 different outputs going to the same TV, but 1 to S-video/compsite and another to component. 


Could someone who has/had this confirm this? Thanks. 

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I own the S700 and the s777 just adds the addtional component inputs and single output. What I think @dmaxwell was trying to state is that he was under the impression that he could use the component output for all output regardless of the input. I can see that because the s700 and I would guess the s777 as well, has a Y/C separator circuit in it allowing both composite and s-video inputs to be output through a single s-video output from the monitor output section. I've not read up on the s777 but if it doesn't do this through the component output, then it must be designed with the component section separate from the rest and requires you to use both an s-video output and component for all inputs. 


While my S700 could do the Y/C separation fine in most cases, there were some composite inputs that didn't look right through the circuit and so I still used both the composite and s-video outputs on my S700 when I was actively using it. Good thing is that it would output through both automatically so I didn't have to push a button or flip a switch on the S700. Just had to switch my converter I was using between the inputs it was using being composite or s-video.


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Well, I have the S-777 and use it with my A/V setup for consoles. As you've probably already found, the only manual seemingly available online is in Japanese, which is very helpful if you can read the language.


I haven't specifically tried the setup you were hoping for, that of going from A/V (s-video, composite, L/R RCA audio) to component output on the S-777. The way the JVC site lays out the hardware description, though, it seems like it isn't wired up that way internally. Here's what I found:


The JX-S777 is the first video switcher with full digital video, component video and digital audio connections.  This professional quality switcher uses the highest quality circuitry for no signal loss at any point.  It features 8 A/V Inputs, 5 A/V Outputs, 2 Component Video Inputs with Digital Audio, 1 Component Video Output with Digital Audio and 3 i-Link (fire wire) digital video input/output connections.

AV Input: 8 lines (S-Video, Video, Audio L/R)

AV Output: 5 lines (S-Video, Video, Audio L/R)

Component input: 2 lines

Monitor output: 2 lines

DV input/outputs: 3


It seems to make a clear delineation between the A/V side of its working and the component/monitor side and its DV side.


Ok, here's the part where I profess no expertise, but at least some general idea of why it might be this way, bu read on...


The composite video signal carries the entire signal on one cable, chroma and luma all combined into one. S-video carries the chroma and luma all on one cable but separated, which is why it tends to look much better in most cases. Component further separates RGB into three separate signals, one of which also carries the luma signal. If the source, such as the video game console, doesn't already output this RGB signal, there must be a conversion done before it hits the TV or be done in the TV itself. The S-777 doesn't seem to operate internally that way since it compartmentalizes the three groups of inputs and outputs as A/V, component, and DV.


However, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater just yet. If you really like the switcher itself, as I do, you can put an A/V to RGB converter after the A/V output from the S-777. Amazon sells such devices and there might be one there that can serve your needs. I can't speak as to whether or not this will add significant quality to the final output you see though, as that likely depends on the quality of the TV picture and the source of the signals (consoles) themselves.


Last thought: for what it's worth for this discussion, I've really had great results with the S-777 and the RetroTINK 2x by using the s-video output from the S-777 to the TINK. All of my consoles are either A/V modded to output composite or s-video, and the S-777 does in fact output all of them through s-video on its A/V side of the house. That way, you'd be getting the S-777's output from s-video, upscaling it to 480p, and sending that signal natively to an HDMI display. There are many other solutions out there, but for someone already owning the S-777, this is a nice one.


Hope all of this helps!


- Blaine

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Thanks, and sadly from what you guys have said, I think I had the correct impression.  Crossbow is correct about what I am trying to do (make everything go to component out).


It's fine though, for me the s777 is still an upgrade and it future proofs me a bit better (though I intend to hold on to the s700 still). I will probably at some point get a CRT that has a S-video and a component input. The problem for my current set up is that 1) my 4k TV combines the component and composite (and has no s-video), so I was hoping to do it all in one and 2) my one CRT is composite only. 


The only 'true' all-in-one solution to my quandary is buying a 700-1200 dollar shinybow switcher, and that's beyond my level/budget. When it gets here, I will do a test just to see what happens regardless, but I am not getting my hopes up.


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If you are just trying to play these systems on your newer modern TV, then @blainelocklair's suggestion of getting a RetroTink2x is what you are looking for. It takes the composite/s-video and converts to HDMI out for use on modern TVs. I have the OSSC and my Extron 7SC to handle all of my analog connections to HDMI output but the RetroTink2x was designed just for this purpose and is the most affordable way to go. In fact I think the Tink2x has composite,s-video and component inputs that is can convert from. So you could use the S777 (Like Blaine uses with his), to connect the s-video and component from the S777 to the Tink2x.


While I haven't seen how the Y/C separation is on the S777, again composite looked better from my S700 into converters than using the s-video circuit to combine and separate that out on its own. So I was actually using the composite output and s-video output on my S700 when it was in use. I jus had to switch between those sources on my CBS/S-vid to HDMI converter I was using back then.


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Playing them on the 4k is temporary until I can get a decent, smaller TV (under 20 inches) that can do component and s-video (there are a few later TV models that can). In the future, I will probably put the 4k through one of the extra video outs (this thing does have 8 outs after all), but have the component and s-video output going to the CRT (yes, stupidly as it sounds, 2 outputs going to the same TV, depending on what the S777 actually does). I check craigslist every few weeks and have told a friend who does flea markets to keep an eye out.  If this goes on awhile, I may get that device though of course I always worry about introducing lag. 

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The s700 and s777 will not introduce any lag. They aren't really converting the signal to anything and mainly just passthru devices. The RetroTink2x might introduce a tiny bit of lag but it isn't enough to be noticed from what reviewers have stated. Most of the lag in using older systems on modern displays comes from the display itself with all the digital processing they do. Hence why you use the game mode to disable most of that to prevent as much lag as possible.


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