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HRD 4000B


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My test boards are on order and should be arriving in about two weeks, based on past experiences with the board house I use. I have all of the parts on hand to build three or four of them (the Memory chips are the only chip in limited supply right now, as my stock of those was sufficient to keep SAMS boards in stock--and each of these RAMDISKS eats a lot more of them). I have also finished an updated manual which I will validate by using it to guide my test builds (and before I release it into the wild). If all goes right during testing, I'll be ordering the production boards sometime in the October/November timeframe. I'll definitely know more by the time of the Chicago Faire.

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From the user's standpoint, there is no difference between this RAM Disk and the HRD4000. TI users would use the same DSR, and Geneve users would use it the same way they use any other HRD. The Insane One could say more about overall capabilities of an HRD with a Geneve, as he integrated a lot of that capability into the recent MDOS releases.

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In a nutshell:

TI:  up to 10 x 800K ramdisks, using ROS 8.34 or above.  10 x 400K ramdisks using ROS 8.14F.

Geneve: one 3.2MB RAMdisk using FORM3MEG //or//  MDOS 7.00 allows both an 800K ramdisk (for booting) and the remaining space can be formatted to look like a hard drive (I have compiled all of MDOS on a RAMdisk).  The latter option is delayed until I figure out what is wrong with MDOS 7.00...


Jim, we should amend the Phoenix references as I don't think any of that works with the Geneve these days, save for the dual ramdisk option  - and even that would need to be tested. 

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Thanks for the clarification, Tim. I'll have to build one and test it once they arrive in ten days or so. I agree that most of the Phoenix mod bits may not work with more recent versions of MDOS--but oddly enough (and based on what I've seen show up on eBay), there are still quite a few unmodified Geneves out there that aren't even capable of running MDOS 5 yet!

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