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A heroic weekend experiment


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2 hours ago, cmadruga said:

Folks, there's something that I wanted to share here in the interest of full disclosure.


Rev has kindly offered to present H.E.L.I. at his PRGE booth next week. Folks will be able to test it and present feedback.


I'm hoping that this will generate enough interest for... who knows?... maybe a cartridge release?

At least Rev says he could make it happen, being the powerful guy that he is.


Me? I'm just an amateur weekend programmer having fun. Never dreamed of having a cartridge released.

SO, to those that have been contributing with ideas, assets, etc, I want to be transparent.


Now, if the cartridge release would go ahead, I'm not setting the price, and I'm not getting a single cent.

I asked Rev to donate anything he would normally pay me to charity.

More specifically, to the United States Mine Rescue Association, who helps ensure that real folks stuck in real mines get the help they need by real HEROES.


Anyway, TIX is already aware and I know he's cool about using his work on a possible release.


I just didn't want anyone else contributing to feel like they've been taken advantage of.

I would do my best to acknowledge folks for their contributions, but I'm not making money and I can't provide any financial compensation.


So, that's it.

Let me hear from you.




Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/usminerescue/

Very cool of you!!! Your game is coming along great and I love how much people have chimed in to help. One of the many reasons I love our Intellivision community. I'm sure Rev can acknowledge any and all contributors for you in the manual and/or on the box as he normally does. ?? By the way, I'm betting this and one other title will be the most played at PRGE. 

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On 10/11/2019 at 10:14 PM, cmadruga said:

Indeed. I’ve been stacking sprites because  there hasn’t been a lot of need for overlapping colors so far. 

If you choose to go that way for Santa, it would be a pity to leave the rest of the guys in poor stripy coloring..

They are going to look amazing with 4 overlapping colors especially the droids !!

Your choice of course, but I am going to paint them anyway ;)


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I haven't fully fleshed that out, but here's what I'm thinking currently:


- this character is an advanced piece of mine rescue equipment (or maybe a military project that got repurposed) that got damaged and stuck deep in a mine.

- this character has certain trade-offs vs the default character. Like different hovering characteristics for instance.

- You would find it after Level 20.

- So the idea is that you are retrieving and fixing it. It then becomes a character you can use for further levels.

- I'm thinking it could either lead to 1) a "Lost Vikings" style of play, or 2) a more strategic/iterative style in which you to select the character at the start of each level or 3) the character would be pre-selected for you, and you deal with it.



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Those are certainly great ideas which give the game more depth and variety, very good!


Option 1 seems more puzzle oriented and can make the game more "adventure-like" if the differences between characters are big enough.


Option 2 seems more "trial and error" because if you choose the wrong character because you don't know the level, you must learn by dying.


Option 3 implies to design the levels according to the pre-selected character habilities, so it offers some variety but no real challange.


My personal choice would be option 1 because it seems to give the game more depth (and it will certainly be more work for you when editing levels according to that).

Congratulations for adding those different elements over the original HERO, the gameplay will be exceptional!

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Well, I think a clarification is needed here...


It is true that Lost Vikings was more puzzle oriented... I mean there were some areas were ability was needed, but it was more like a puzzle really.


To be clear, I would NOT be looking to replicate that kind of heavy thinking in HELI. I don't see it as a puzzle game. It is still an action platform game at the core.


However, with more than one character, I can envision something like this:

- the screen below is an example of a layout that is close to impossible to traverse with the standard character. I mean, you can try, but good luck.

- now if that walker drone would have the ability to hover with precision - even if for just a few seconds - then it could easily maneuver around the lava blocks.

- however, the battery is limited, so the player would have to be wise/strategic about switching over to the drone...





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1 hour ago, Steve Jones said:

Sounds like a good idea, any new characters with specific abilities have to be rescued first before you can use them, maybe every 10 or 20

levels? Not sure how many levels you are planning to do?

Got 22 already, I was thinking about at least 30.

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I just had an idea, based on watching Chernoybl on HBO. What if at a certain advanced level there is radiation, too deadly for the original Heli guy, so you have to use the robot or drone or whatever you decide to call it. But even for the drone there is a limited amount of time until the radiation renders it useless. And instead of rescuing a miner who the radiation would have already killed, you have to flip a switch or something to stop the radiation in order to move to the next level.  Or something like that?

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Ok, so I put something together to illustrate how Steve's idea could work.

Very, very preliminary.


- Main character enters a radioactive room

- Power starts to deplete rapidly

- Player retreats, then selects drone.

- Drone is capable of hovering and is resistant to radiation.

- Player clears the radioactive screens and reaches the goal. (Miner would not be there normally).



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Great ideas guys :D


Just my take to further enhance this:

the walker doesn't have a heli attached.. but his gun doubles as a jet engine !!

sooo when he hovers he can't shoot ;)

We can make a list like this for all protagonists, and then we can come up with the situations that each of them applies.



  • can hover in place
  • withstands radiation
  • can't shoot while hovering

ok I have to wrestle with this a little more, but you get the idea


walker-heli-less.gif.ef5aef41595f8c99e5b50dac792c05cd.gif   walker-hovering.gif.af48415529f86eab580239305cabac75.gif 

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