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Arranging the Flashback 9 GAME folder

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It doesn’t seem to matter how many games I place in the GAME folder. I keep going back to my favorites, which can involve a LOT of scrolling. (As others have mentioned)


After playing around with several numbering/naming schemes, this appears to be the simplest solution. (For me anyway)


Anything with a number in front can be sorted to the front of the list with drivesort.  If a number (such as 1_) is placed in front of my top 10 favorite games they will appear on screen 1. (In alphabetical order) (2_ for screen 2 etc.)


If there are several hundred games in the folder I number COPIES of the roms. This way if anything falls out of heavy rotation it can just be deleted and the original rom is still there.


Hope this helps someone!



page 1.JPG

page 2.JPG

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