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I've bought of few games from them. Picked up the new ToeJam & Earl and Grim Fandango remastered for PS4 from them most recently but also have Wonder Boy remaster and Thimbleweed Park. They look and feel like any other physical release and I'm always waiting to see what they release next.

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TJ&E is really good! I wasn't totally sure what to expect given the art style that was done for this new game. But after playing it, it is a ton of fun! Especially if you can get another person to couch co-op with you. I do think this remake is easier than the original game on the Genesis was as I was never able to beat a random world on the Genesis version, yet I've done it twice now on different difficulties on this newer version. To me, that makes the game more fun since I know I won't be frustrated the whole time. 


The biggest issue with LRG and others like them, is the fact they don't place limits on what can be purchased so they do tend to sell out quickly. This is especially true on the collector's editions of their releases. Currently they don't offer TJ&E through their website so you are only going to get that one second hand.


But, I also know that LRG holds some of their stock back from being sold in the case of shipping refunds etc. But I actually got both my Thimbleweed Park and Wonder Boy well after they had sold out and no longer available because LRG had a booth setup at last year's PRGE. As a result, they had some of those sold out games on hand to sell at the convention.

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I've certainly bought a number of games (but am starting to switch to the, well, Switch for the stuff that isn't too high end) from these folks; I typically get nearly any SHUMP that's released, and get pretty much any indy game that I'm pressed with that "deserves" the preservation of a physical copy . The only one I bought kind of impulsively without researching too much was Ace of Seafood, which looked great to me as screenshots, but I found confusing and rather unfun to play. 

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