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I just burned a real cart and put it in my beloved Lynx I with McWill screen. The startup picture is beautiful. What really amazes me is that there is absolutely no flicker like on most hi-colour pics I have seen. Full points for you on the intro screen!


The intro tune is nice and catchy. The colour cycled animal heads work great with the cubistic shapes to create a slightly psychedelic start to the game. What have you been smoking?


I like the game. A nice minigame with skillfully done credits screens and instruction screens. Thanks for a silly time-waster ;)


The music is actually really well fitting to the game!


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OMG! I just checked out the hidden image in the game.



A flicker free image on my Mc Will modded Lynx I. It is obvious that you can only have 16 colours on a single scan line. Plus there is not enough time for changing more than a few palette values during the HBL interrupt. But still... Creating an illusion of a 256 colour image on a Lynx is pretty impressive!


Hmm. I wonder how many beers it will take to get enthusi to spill the secrets of how this was done...

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I enjoyed a lot Assembloids on C64 or A800.

This Lynx version is very good, first, I was disappointed because I think I prefer graphs from the 8 bits versions, but there are some nice feature, like the up and down tilted windows.

Finally, it is great to have the same game, but with different tone. Well done !

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The 256 color image (just 256 by accident, could be more but in practice you wont get that).

My routine changes up to 16 colors per rasterline but it uses very fast code and pre-selects the colors for the next line in advance. Also not using HBL interrupts as they would  be too slow. And assembler of course.

The attached image shows the colors used per line. You realize how I sort the palette (and thus bitmap pattern) for each line such, that the first used colors gets changed in green and red+blue first.

The bottom area does then use the same palette since the CPU is needed to play the music and even more CPU-costy for the fade out from top+bottom when you blend it out.


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15 hours ago, Fadest said:

some nice feature, like the up and down tilted windows.

Yes, we took some effort to find a way to keep large graphics for the mobile version and also suitable for original LCDs but still get it all drawn into 102 lines vertically ;)

The sides are tilted slightly as well. An unfortunately the Lynx can't do that kind of scaling properly. The sides would have been possible but quite a pain with the individual tiles.

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On 9/2/2019 at 3:46 PM, Felyx said:

Funny game. I didn't know the 8 bits versions so no reference to compare with.

Thank you for sharing this!

Works on real Lynx!

Attached is the converted rom to use with Agacart (converted by Rafal)


Assembloids.lyx 256 kB · 3 downloads

Hey Felyx I downloaded this for my Agacart and after the initial game screen with the #2 in the middle it just goes dark. Can anyone confirm this one works on their agacart?

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Sorry for the ranting, we found the problem, the version I had was the old version of Assembloids that was converted, wouldn't work with the Lynx Model 1 I have but Rafal redownloaded a newer revision and then sent it to me for trying and it works on the Lynx Model 1 with Agacart. Here is that one for anyone in the same situation copied from the other thread:



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When I discovered the game on 8bits (I think it was originally a HTML5 game but I'm not aware of this version), my first thought was that it would be a great Lynx game, but I had no time to start thinking about coding it at this moment.

I'm so happy that I can finally play it on my Lynx, that I did not even have to make a single effort to enjoy it, and that it is far superior that what I would be able to do :D

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We submitted the final version last night. Only gfx adjustments. It comes with a readme.txt plus latest changes. A new Easter egg added :) Text and in-game help screen indicates v1.04.

It was important to us to deliver a complete, polished and final game during the limited time of this competition.

Quite some time went into testing, tuning and coding all transitions between screens. So fading out/in graphics and no music hickups, colour garbage etc. during changes or loading.

None of the code relies on any third party content in form of libraries or functions, music players, etc but were written from scratch (notable exceptions: sprpck, bitfire packer).

This may seem inefficient but gives us more fun and allows for things unseen before such as the 256+ color images or the credits part or the new music routine that plays during loading and in-game.

The Atari Lynx is an awesome platform and we will surely stick with it as long as it is so much fun  :)

This is a wonderful  community and it is nothing but amazing to see what this competition has  brought up! So much variety!

Thanks again to everyone  involved! 


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On 9/6/2019 at 3:12 PM, enthusi said:

That version 1.02 you converted should never have been uploaded anywhere as 1.03 was submitted before the compo deadline :(

Is it from the atarigamer.com page?

Ah, well.

No idea where it initially came from it was the converted one from Felyx at the beginning of the thread. But the new conversion works. 


Happy there will be a folder of all the final ROM updates 1 week after the competition started. Yours sounds like it's ready. When the others are all ready I'll download all and test!

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