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This has turned out to be very addicting.  Especially after I read where you said we get an extra life for clearing the screen.  I hadn't realized that before, so it's become a new sub-goal for me.  I can't do it often, and it seems like when I do the game gets extremely fast, so I lose a life not long after (which may just be because it usually takes a while for me to accomplish it so it's already at a high speed), but it's still a fun goal to try for.


I was playing it non-stop on my plane ride after finishing the first world (levels 1-1 through 1-5) of Nutmeg.  I was extremely tired, so I kept dozing off during both games, but had a lot of fun nonetheless.  It was great having my Lynx out for a plane ride again... I hadn't done that in many years but this competition gave a fresh reason to.  Unfortunately, I don't have my smartphone with me (forgot it in the car at the airport parking lot), so I can't use the QR code to send in any high scores, but I look forward to doing that when I get back home.

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