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Lynx Quest - new adventure action game


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Lynx Quest - preview


credits: New Generation
code: Solo, Laoo
music: Miker
graphics: Tiger, Alcopop, FinalBossBlues


Here some information about our new production - a brand new action-adventure game for Atari Lynx.
The game was created for 30th Lynx Competition by AtariGamer.

We already submitted a small preview version - but please dont mind it. It doesnt have proper gameplay loop (will be avaiabler in a week)
nor levels, enemy shoting, AI. Almost all is done but we couldnt provide it for the first deadline (because the game was crashing; it is solved already).
Please wait for next week:).


Current status is:
- 90% of the code is done
- 100% of the music is done (about 10 songs)
- 80% of the graphic is done 


Instructions for the rought sneak peak:
Killing few monsters "brutally" move (resets) you to the next level then killlling some more to move to the boss (without boss AI). After the boss you can see mystical cave, when you will get blessing for some passive skills/upgrades.
In the mystical cave (with a statue) you can press "B" button to go back to the map.

Proper gameplay loop will be of course different (proper; ) and all will be self-explanatory. A player will have upgrades (better bows, arrows, critical, hp - clasic stuff)
and will adventure throu 4 different themes (plains, cementery, hills and winter). Lets say typical top-down shooter action rpg game.


The game is written in 6502 assembler. The engine is capable to process about 64 objects (enemies, shots etc) with all collisions (tile and hitboxes axis-bounded).
Tiles has 2 layers (also with flyer status) and can show animated elements. All run at 30 FPS.  


Levels are semi-randomized:

- 24 layouts for every small level and fully randomized small tiles like grass or similar
- abuot 384 level layouts in total for more replayability


Tools we used:
- LNGS (our devground that makes all the magic - compiles, links, manage assets, makes cart and have core API routines)
It was written by Laoo (took him 2 months, still in alpha stage) for our Lynx journey. Its helpsd a lot to develop stuff for Atari Lynx.
- Mad Assembler
- Chipper 
- Handy Music player (we adapted it to our LNGS system)

In the final version of the game there should be:
- 4 different worlds
- 4 bosses
- chests with loot
- score system
- finished UI
- full map logic
- proper level transitions (self explanatory, story will tell more about it)
- dozen of different enemies
- postprocess effects
- proper gameplay loop;)



sa1.png.2d797b0d10cdfbb8427024b634383e67.png sa2.png.cc20c9ec5e25ef248f7a7eedc8be9258.png sa3.png.122125aff10962bba35ac1dccc278b83.png snap00.png.d1b95817d0701c7cd99c140c0854a180.png snap01.png.d28370d44374618cc70c41fe36462505.png 

snap04.png.9880088260ea15eacf61738f0e88dfcd.png snap02.png.fbb05af783ed76c0e1398b869e73f215.png snap03.png.8f04690e6ba20b39c0c4efc9e99d1be2.png snap05.png.2d8f4f80a13c4e9c3f4d2ae62ca60139.png 

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I'm very impressed by your entry!

It's very fun to play, and the graphics are quite cool (love the mythical cave!).

On the more technical side, I wonder how you managed to have so many animated elements moving on screen at 30fps, kudos! Did you use a single Sprite Block Chain for all the elements?


Anyway, I'm eager to play the final version, but this preview is really promising.

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There is one fundamental difference in the Lynx and the emulation. When you look at the right hand the buttons are on an arc. It starts with A, B, Opt1, Pause, Opt2. They are all easily reachable on a real Lynx. You actually use them in some games as afterburner, roll of aircraft.


In this emulation the Opt buttons and Pause are transferred to some completely unnatural locations.

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Good feedback!


We did A/B on an arc for that reason (so your thumb can easily move between a and b), but as you point out, didn't do opt1/opt2.


If you try the a Vectrex game (add a .VEC file to the folder you have selected) you'll see that we do a sort of double-arc or diamond arrangement for 1/2 and then 3/4 when the device is in portrait mode.


I think we could do a double-arc, but that there would not be enough room for a single arc.


If you have a Mac and Keynote, I could send you a file we use for visually checking out the control layouts.


The layouts themselves are done using android layouts, so they are screen independent and can automatically position relative to screen edges and/or other elements.

Vectrex Frogs N Flies Color.png

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The game is going have an update:

- bugfixes

- balance changes (no more bullet sponges)

- new features

- new control scheme (with strafe) 

- and more


more info + new rom very soon


We will make a serie of small updates (in short time) to polish everything in the game. Stay tuned! 


And big thanks for feedback and good words Im glad you like the game.

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Great news! The game already improved a lot since the first released version.


I hope it is ok to demo the improved entries at PRGE and eJagfest instead of the entries submitted for the competition. Btw. will someone from your team attend the PRGE or eJagfest?

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50 minutes ago, Igor said:

Perfect, of course the updated version can't be used for judging, but looking forward to a more functional game!

Yeah no problem. I just hope the game isnt too hard - so you can see all 4 worlds (because all is there - 4 worlds, many level layouts (semi-random), 4 bosses, more music themes, 4 different graphic themes - plains, cementery, hills, winter).

I will send you today the same version you have but with 30 lives - so you can check worlds easier.


1 hour ago, karri said:

Great news! The game already improved a lot since the first released version.


I hope it is ok to demo the improved entries at PRGE and eJagfest instead of the entries submitted for the competition. Btw. will someone from your team attend the PRGE or eJagfest?

It would be awesome if an updated version is showed there (few small changes will improve general balance and difficulty a lot). The game will have small indicator on title screen (like 1.01) so it will be easy to know what version it is.

Unfortunatelly none of us will be at PRGE/eJagFest but next year its a high possibility:). ps. I love OnDuty

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  • 4 weeks later...

--- Lynx Quest v1.04 ---

new rom in attachments


Today we released an updated version of the game. Final version should be around 1.10. Thanks for all the feedback - some features are from it!:).


Various QoLs are added:

- press B five times at title screen for god mode (game will show information if activated)

- press pause button (middle option) to pause the game

- press option1 key to turn on/off music

- much better balance

- and many more


All changes are listed here:

- various bugfixes
- strafe movement (hold A button for strafe!)
- better balance


- bugfixes
- portal bug
- randomize level layouts - fixed (sometimes it wasnt shuffling level layouts)
- pause button
- music on/off button
- version number indicator (at title screen)

- bugfixes
- music improvements
- overall balances changes
- bosses balance and changes
- bosses can shots bullets now
- bosses left/right movement animations
- small monsters during boss stage colissions fix
- new monster (winter world)
- better assets for winter world

- god mode (press B five times at title screen)
- bosses are more agressive and can run to player position
- different enemy logic for some stages
- boss health is now visible (hp bars)

more screenshots:
0.png.8937d4e7a74f09d930c4ca909b588582.png 2.png.2dacdbda6c8e3dba8cc245a1bb0a8511.png 3.png.57335acaa9cc49b545311d3cf4bb9221.png 

4.png.dcd52b0f850b9cc5e1b904389b1d823d.png 5.png.0d663ebad55e87892430f27c5d60c0a5.png 6.png.45a59b3dc249a0e1f4afa46a3748d198.png








LynxQuest.lnx LynxQuest.lyx

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