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In box copy of Video Life by CommaVid found

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I’ve recently come across an in box copy of Video Life by CommaVid and I’m hoping someone will have some information about the value of the game along with how I can go about selling it. I’ve seen projected values of the game ranging from $2500 to $10,000, however many of these articles are old and I’m hoping to get an updated value of the game on the current market.


The box and cartridge are both in great condition, but I am missing the game manual. Any help as to how I should move forward with selling the game would be greatly appreciated. 











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It's worth several thousand but it's been so long since one has sold that it's a bit hard to put an accurate value on it.  It's an incredibly rare item but the pool of collectors that actually will have the cash available to purchase this is quite small.  The fact that the manual is missing will hurt the price since the chances of finding a spare one for sale are close to nil.  Out of curiosity, where was this found?

As far as offering it up for sale, eBay is always an option as well as selling it here through the forums.  If you plan to do the latter, some feedback and references would pretty much be a requirement given the price of the item and the fact that you're an unknown.

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I found this game at work. We cleaned out a basement and before we took everything to the landfill I decided to look through the truck. In one of the boxes I found this game, asteroids, combat, and a light sixer. 


I want to avoid selling this game on eBay since, unfortunately, there are less than honest people out there. I am posting here, along with various other Atari groups on Facebook in an attempt to sell the game. 


The game works, and was tested at a local video game resale shop. I am only willing to sell the game through a face to face meet up, which will be done at the same shop. 


I’ve attached a video of the game in action, however I don’t think that the video is working. Realistic offers are welcome, along with any suggestions of places to post about the game. 



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Video doesn’t seem to be working so I attached a picture.
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Well, the game does appear to work but I don't see why it wouldn't.  You might want to take some better pics of the game in action.  You should post a formal ad in the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the Marketplace, since people are less likely to see this current thread in this subforum.


You should also post in the AtariAge group on Facebook for more exposure if you haven't already done so, since it gets a lot more casual traffic from gamers that may have an interest in Atari but may not necessarily take the step of signing up for an account here on the forums.  I'm not sure where else would really be worth posting since the pool of buyers for such an expensive niche item is limited.  This will either sell right way or take quite a while to move, depending upon several factors including how much you expect to get for it.

Wanting to exchange the game in person makes sense from a perspective of safety and security, but it's probably an unrealistic request for most people.  What part of the country are you located in?

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