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Doom : Slayer Edition


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9 hours ago, CyranoJ said:

For anyone comparing to the 32x Ressurection 3.1 port (And they've done a kick-ass amazing job on that! Hats off guys!)


32x 3.1:



Jaguar Slayer:



Looks like they're running the JagDoom WADs.

now I see that Jag uses a lower screen resolution, something like 160px vs 320px on 32x




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10 hours ago, swlovinist said:

Congrats to all who worked on this wonderful update.    Looking forward to playing the finished product whatever form that may be.    Honestly speaking, I was a Sega 32X kid growing up, but have since then really appreciated seeing all the love given to the Jaguar.   

Took a while for you to "Do the math", eh?

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...and for some sh*ts and giggles, I've added another new Hud option. The "mini" hud.

This is mainly designed as an option to reduce bandwidth and help performance. 


So we now have "Jag", "Mini" and "PC" hud options for the player to pick from the Slayer  options menu. 






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13 minutes ago, Mittens0407 said:

Is a 320 wide pixel resolution mode possible?

It's technically possible, but will come down to if any substantial optimisations can be made with the time we're able to put into it. We're not going to be rewriting the entire engine. It's also not just about performance but also memory.

Currently we're more focused on features and content.

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