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7 hours ago, N1ck said:

Hi guys,

I'm thinking of a way to make my NTSC atari 2600 work with PAL.

Is it possible to just replace the NTSC - CO10444D with PAL - CO11903 on the board? Would that work?

Would anything else need to change too?

Thank you.

You'd have to perform surgery on the board too.  The two chips have different pinouts.  The PAL version has a 900KHz output that you're supposed to feed through a resonant circuit with a 4.43MHz crystal and then into the PAL color input pin.  So there are number of components to add.  What you'd have to do is create a daughterboard with the 40-pin socket for the PAL TIA as well as the missing electronics.


I think someone here has created a TIA switcher board where both TIAs are mounted and a jumper chooses which one to activate.  But my search-fu is failing me on that.

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