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Controller dome rubbing against top cover


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I recently took one of my O2s out of storage to recap. I had bought this unit many years ago on eBay, and honestly haven't played it in a long time. I had forgotten that one of the controllers was very stiff, due to the dust cover dome rubbing against the top cover. It had to have been that was for a long time, as the controller was covered inside and out with dust.


In the picture, you can see the left controller has a slight gap between the dome, where the one on the right has zero gap and discolored from the dust of the plastic grinding. The problem joystick for some reason had further movement if you pressed down on it compared to the good one.




I took it apart to see why this stick was able to stick up higher. Once I had it apart, I couldn't clearly see any issue.


So instead I looked at how the dome could be lowered some. I noticed where the speed nut goes against the dome, the dome has a recess that allows the speed nut to sit flush in the dome. So I figured if I could fill the recess, the speed nut would push the dome down to sit lower. I grabbed a #8 washer and found it fit around the joystick shaft and fit perfectly in the recess in the dome.


I reassembled everything, and now the speed nut is pushing the dome down enough there is a slight gap with the top cover. The controller now moves freely and the plastic isn't grinding. Hopefully this "fix" will come in handy for someone else. 


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Spacer should work.  often the clip (what you called a speed nut)  either breaks or deforms so it can slide up the shaft.  on most I have seen there is a small groove and if the clip is not broken, you can just push it down until it gets into the groove again.


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