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Atari TOS 2600 (WIP)


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The Atari TOS is an operating system for the 2600. This will be a rolling dev so i plan to tweak, fix and expand on the project.



The OS:

On power up the title screen will appear with the Fuji logo. From here pressing select will boot to the desktop where you will find the wallpaper and a mycomputer icon. Moving the cursor onto the mycomputer icon and hitting the joystick fire button will open a window with two file programs labeled "P" and "S". These are Paint and the Screensaver (for now). Clicking the X will exit back to the desktop and console switch select will navigate back to the start up title/splash screen.





As before this program uses the console switches for selecting different functions.

  • Select: Paint colour
  • Reset: Clears screen
  • Select & Reset: Exits program
  • DiffLeft: Toggles Paper colour black or white
  • DiffRight: Toggles tool speed slow or fast
  • Colour/BW: Toggles Tools Pen or Eraser





The screensaver will activate after 60 seconds of inactivity or can be manually ran by clicking on the "S" file icon. This will display random playfield pixels on the screen and randomly remove them with a colour cycle. Basically controller input will reset back to Desktop.




Pong Game:

I have added a simple Pong game to the OS, singleplayer is a bit lacking and haven's added edge trajectory to the players paddles yet.

  • Select: Return to the OS
  • Reset: Restart game
  • DiffLeft: Position B for singleplayer and position A for head-to-head





  • Timing of when the screensaver activates - done
  • Improved colour cycle for the screensaver - done
  • Auto screensaver activation after 60 seconds of inactivity - done
  • Screensaver return to desktop fix - done
  • New features/programs - WIP
  • Possible keyboard controller support - Incomplete
  • Sounds - Incomplete
  • Possible additional screensavers - Incomplete
  • New wallpapers - Incomplete
  • Code efficiency and flow improvements - WIP
  • Small easter egg - done - subject to change

Others TBA



Latest Build: Atari TOS 2600 20191025.bin

Older Build: Atari TOS 2600 20190919.bin


License: License.txt


The todo list could change as this is a rolling dev.

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On 9/13/2019 at 2:44 AM, bluswimmer said:

This is neat. I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but there's a bug with the clear screen feature where anything drawn at the lowest line doesn't get cleared. Overall, it seems to work well for what it sets out to do.

Thanks, yeah i am aware of the bug and think i know what's causing the artifacts. Think it's some garbage left in RAM that needs to be cleared (should be an easy fix).


Yeah i kept it simple, no fancy tricks or wow factor just a pen and paper to draw. I find it easy to get carried away with fancy hardware tricks but they tend to hog the systems resources which leaves less for other future features.

On 9/13/2019 at 3:25 AM, DragonGrafx-16 said:

Looks cool... like a more advanced version of the drawing mode in Surround. Should add keypad support.

Thanks, that's actually a great idea! I can see having the option to select colours and tools for the keypad a nice addition. Saves having to use console switches on real hardware. Thanks for the suggestion ?

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5 hours ago, chewy said:

pretty nuts my guy!  gonna load this up- when painting, is there a way to exit back to menu screen?

Thanks, ah yes i forgot, you can press console switches select and reset simultaneously and it will go back to the desktop. An joystick input will exit the screensaver although i think it goes back to title screen so ill need to fix that. Im not 100% sure what it's like using console switches on real hardware. I haven't my original console with me to test so i have those switches mapped to the gamepad. Thanks for the feedback ?

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  • 3 weeks later...

We'll be featuring Atari TOS LIVE on tomorrow's (Friday) ZeroPage Homebrew stream on Twitch at 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!


Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/


- Tower of Rubble (2019 WIP Update) by Dion Olsthoorn aka Dionoid
- Atari TOS (2019 WIP) by TwentySixHundred
- Robomechanik (2019 WIP Update) by Krzysztof Kluczek aka KK/Altair


EDIT: Archive Video of Stream



Edited by ZeroPage Homebrew
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