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Free Game Boy game I made


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My game arrived but I had to pay an extra shipping charge. They had opened it because the USPS doesn't consider video games to be media (despite the fact that they are) and it was shipped via media mail.  I'm not gonna ask you for $1.25 as that would be silly. Still, thanks for the game! I'll play some of it tonight 

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1 hour ago, Tanooki said:

Umm usps makes the rule so no it’s not media.  It should have been sent first class which usually is $3-4. 

Are CDs media? Yes they are... put game data on it, and now it's not media? They may not consider it media, but that doesn't mean it isn't a medium. It's a pretty stupid rule. That saying I don't ship video games using it.

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In general yes they are, but by the post office definition of what media is, they're pretty clear that media is educational, descriptive text, learning, etc.  Not games, entertainment audio and visual movie stuff and all that.  You're using their services, and if you don't like the rules, that's your problem, and your buyer if they get slapped with a charge for underpaid shipping.

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Personally I don't agree with the Post Office's decision not to consider video game discs as media, but I kinda see their point.  The original idea for the media mail rate was to provide a break for people sending educational media through the mail.  Obviously the line between educational and non-educational is hard to define, which is why there are very few actual rules beyond what materials are allowed.  One rule, in place since the beginning, is no advertising, which is why most magazines get the boot.  Another rule, the recent one everybody grumbles about, is no video games.  I think it's rather stupidly arbitrary, but I can at least respect the decision wasn't made completely in a vacuum.


Note that this is only concerns video game discs.  Video game cartridges were never officially allowed, despite some postal employees allowing them back in the day.  This one I actually agree with.  A cartridge isn't simply a piece of media, but rather a piece of computer electronics that is more than just the info stored on some of the chips inside.

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