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Chris the Cranberry (WIP)


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Added some "music", or about as close as a layman can come to Odyssey2 music. I also began work on the timer. At the title screen, if you press ACTION, the timer will begin. If you let it run to 10 minutes it will restart the game and the title screen will appear again.


I'm done with it for today so I'll post what I have before I go to sleep now.



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Worked on this for a few hours today. Now there's a box to dodge. But I fear that if all the game is about is just dodging boxes it won't be very fun. I need to play MotoRodeo for some inspiration but moving hurts because it's very hot in my room.





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I need help. While I'm waiting for it, before I needed help, I made a thing I call a "zipper" that when you run over it, gives you a short burst of speed. What I need help with is how to point to a certain number in a db. Like I have one with y positions, but I can only get the first value and not the second. I need to find out how to make it so every time it's read it increases the value and gets the next y position in line.

    db 029h, 039h, 049h, 059h   


    add a,#boxydata & 0ffh
    movp a, @a ;get byte
    mov r1, a
    mov r0,#000h ; pointer to sprite 0 Y pos in VDC
    mov r7, #1
    call copyspriteloop2


    mov    a,r1
    movp    a,@a        ; get byte
    movx    @r0,a

The code above only gives me the first value. How do I make it point to the second, then third, etc.?


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My attempt at music didn't quite work out as I thought, so I got rid of it and replaced it with a countdown to starting each race. Could someone with a PAL Videopac console test this for me? I'm concerned that my attempts to get rid of the sprites by putting them at the bottom of the screen isn't working like I want on them.


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Major rework. Instead of using the joystick to select a game, you press the keypad. Select tracks 1-5 and press 6 to start. I would have liked Enter, but I can't figure out which button it is. I eventually want track 5 to be a randomly generated track, but I need help (see the topic in the AtariAge programming section for more info.) I was up all night working on this. I hate sleeping.


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I will attempt to do the random thing once more. In the meantime, here's this. Press 1 to start a race. You can press 2 or 3 as well, but things may not work well. I've decided to just have 4 tracks, so the fourth one will be the random one, if I can get it working. Spent all night on this, so, here.




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Worked on this some more this morning. Tracks 1-3 are fixed, and tracks 4-6 are random. They differ in length. Tracks 1 & 4 are short, tracks 2 & 5 are medium, and tracks 3 & 6 are long. I also got rid of the weird blinkiness that was associated with pressing a number.


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On 4/4/2020 at 1:12 PM, atari2600land said:

It's raining now.


Should v24a be working in emulators? I tried it (and v22) in OpenEmu (Mac) and no go...


It certainly could be an issue with OpenEmu, but it is working with .ZIP files of classic O2 games generally.

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