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Killer Satellites (Space Invaders Hack)

Jamcat Reloaded

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A terrorist organization has hacked into and taken control of the defense satellites of the United States. The satellites are now targeting the major U.S. cities they are supposed to be protecting, and attacking them with high energy lasers.


Your mission is to take a armed shuttle up into space to take out and destroy the hijacked satellites, and stop the attacks against the cities.


Aware of your goal to destroy the satellites, the terrorists have moved the satellites into decaying orbits, which will make them fall back to Earth. Being nuclear powered, these satellites will now be turned into falling nuclear bombs if they get past you. If even one gets past you, all will be lost. So don't let any satellite fall out of orbit past you!


To help protect you from the satellites lasers, there is some space debris from old booster rockets that you can use as cover.



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