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Kingdom Hearts - The Story so Far...


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I did search the forums for anything related to this and the search came up empty for anything Kingdom Hearts related in the PS4 forums section so apologies if there is something like that I've missed it.


That said, my next game on my backlog file was actually to be KH3. But then it was revealed to me that a new print run of the combined HD remasters known as Kingdom Hearts: The Story so Far was available for $30 so I grabbed one from my local Best Buy Saturday afternoon and thought maybe I will replay 1 and 2 and check out these others I missed before tackling KH3. Grab a sandwich and a drink...this one will take awhile.


So I fired up KH 1.5 Final Mix and began a new game. I've a few issues that I hope I'm not the only one to notice:

1st is that the title opening looks to just be a scaled up version of the original game opening. This wouldn't bother me so much except that the audio is noticeably compressed and very low in volume compared to most games now. I figured SE would have had access to the original intro movie master and gone with that? The intro was so epic for its time and it just seems like they phoned it in on the remaster?

2nd issue... did they redo some of the voices on the characters with new actors? Sora especially sounds off from how I remember and in a few of the scenes (That were obviously redone), it doesn't sound quite right either? Haley Joel is grown up now so it isn't like I would expected him to voice the role again these days, but again did they not have access to the original recording masters? Or was it a matter of having to pay some of the actors again for these HD remix/final versions?

3rd and biggest issue...is the gameplay. Something is very very off and I know I read up that the move from 30fps to 60fps caused some issues but thought those had been patched out since then? The biggest problem is control lag that I've noticed. I've missed a lot of jumps that I used to be able to do on the first try in the past because something feels off on the timing? And don't get me started on how damn long it took me to get past the vines in Jungle Deep! Used to those would auto lock when you jumped from vine to vine and you only had to time it with the indicator. That doesn't work anymore and you now have to control Sora during those jumps? Why did they do this?! Luckily I was able to eventually say screw it and take the shortcut jumping on the Hippos but still!!! 


And it appears there aren't any trophies added to these games? Or at least there aren't any on KH: Final remix. That seems odd to go to the trouble of creating these updated engines to display the games in 1080p/4k but not also put trophies into the games?


Another thing I have to ask...what is the Kingdom Hearts: Recoded on this first disc exactly? I'm guessing this was another release of the game on a different platform and due to game play issue, it couldn't actually be ported over and so it is just a collection of the CGI and ingame engine cutscenes stitched into a movie? Kinda like the first Xenosaga on PS2 being offered as a movie on DVD back in the day?


Anyway, I'm trucking on through it as I really enjoyed the first two when they were new on the PS2, but the first game just doesn't feel right in this remaster. Is the second game the same way? I can't comment on the others as I never played them so I wouldn't know on those. 


Your thoughts?


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Wow...interesting. So it does have trophies but for some reason they weren't showing up in my profile on the PS4 when I was playing it yesterday? I only happen to notice them through the PS app on my phone so...hmm. So it does have trophies, but the rest of my other comments still hold true for now I hope? LOL


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