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Shielding speakers quick n' easy?


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I figure this is a pretty stupid question, but I'm gonna ask it anyway.  I gots no shame  :)


I found a couple of neat (modern) soundbars that I may use for sound with some retro gear.   Problem is, they're not shielded, so when I set them on top (up to a couple of feet above) the CRT screens, the magnetic cause a bit of chaos, of course.   So, the stupid question part --- is there a way to quickly and easily block this from affecting the screen?  Not talking any serious "take it apart and shield it" mods, but wondering it there's something like "place it on a cookie sheet made of copper" of something crazy like that. 


Anything I can put between the bar and the screen to prevent the magnets from messing with the CRT?



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I am surprised the speaker magnets on a sound bar would have an effect at a foot plus as I would not think the total magnetic force was that strong, nonetheless if you can find some Mu-Metal sheet that will probably sort you out.


I have not looked into the numbers but I would think that the thicker the sheet the better the shielding, so Mu-Metal foil may work for you but as you don't know the strength of the magnetic field in order to crunch the numbers on the required thickness personally I would suggest a 2mm thick sheet to start with. You could sit it on top of the CRT but I am not sure if that would cause any problems, a better option maybe to use it as a shelf for the soundbar to sit on.

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