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Moomin - Snorkmaiden's Rescue (Hack of Smurf)


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Welcome to Moominvalley!  This is the home of Moomin and his friends and family.  For over 60 years children around the world have been fascinated by the stories of Moomin, Snufkin, Little My, and the others.  In recent years these characters have started to become recognized in America, whereas they have been a cultural phenomena in Northern Europe, the UK, and Japan for years.  


Game Story:

Stinky is at it again!  This time he tricked Snorkmaiden into visiting a giant's house on Lonely Mountain.  He told her that he'd seen a beautiful tiara and that the giant would gladly let her have it.  After she climbed onto a high shelf, Stinky ran off laughing!  Now poor Snorkmaiden is stuck and cannot get down.  Only Moomin can save the day!


Guide Moomin through Moomin Valley past the giant hattifattener, across the winding river, up the steps into lonely mountain, past that darn Stinky, and finally rescuing Snorkmaiden from the high shelf!  


Once you rescue her you have to do it again, and this time it gets harder!  Not only do you have to deal with the same hazards as before but a mean old crow, a pair of hattifatteners and a bat are trying to stop you!  How many times can you rescue Snorkmaiden?


This game wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of doctorclu.  He spent many hours working on and perfecting this game.  Even when I thought it was okay and passable, he kept on, wanting it to be great.  It was my daughter and I's idea but it was his vision.








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