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DIY Replace A 5200 Power LED?


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Hello,am thinking about buying a 5200,my first one and am preparing to do some mods beforehand,i looked at some pictures of the main board and the power led looks like it is a socket? is this led replaceable like all others just de-solder and solder back in,or is it a different type of replacement,the picture i have seen shows the red led in what looks like a white socket or holder of some sort.

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It is the same as it is on the 7800. It isn't in a socket. It is soldered. The white plastic was to put the LED at the right height so it would shine through the section on the top shell properly. So no big deal to change out other than desolder and put in the replacement. They use 5mm LEDs btw and you might have to check on the replacement LEDs specs. The 5200 I think shoots a straight +5v to the LED so while the old red ones from bitd looked and worked great, newer ones seem to work better at about 3.3v. So you might have to add a resistor in there to make sure. The 7800 has a resistor already on the main board for the LED it feeds and I've changed those out with higher value ones when doing LED changeouts to bring them in spec of what more modern LEDs expect.


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