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Carina 2.7 working with UDS-10


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After going through my notes and not believing it was this easy (but it was years ago so.....)


Edit WAITCALL to just REM out the "Return" Line - 2330
Edit WAITCALL to edit "ATA" to be "Hit Return" Line - 2320
Edit GATEWAY to shorten pause before/after +++ to the ATH Line - 2560
Edit WAITCALL to shorten pause before/after +++ to the ATHZ Line - 2510


This was based on what I believe was "The Shadow's" last compilation, from his own BBS that he released.  It looks like a modified version where some things appear half implemented (like ANSI).  So I'm not sure that the line numbers will match up.  I'll try to get the entire lines posted once TVAG is back up, but maybe this could get our Mutant friend going. ;)


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