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Request for Sinclair subforum


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Hi, folks.  This is a request to create a Sinclair-specific subforum under the Classic Computing forum hierarchy.


While I did not grow up as a Sinclair user, they were very significant machines in Europe, the Eastern Bloc, and former USSR.  There was a surprising amount of cross-pollination between them and other 8- and 16-bit machines, and many software houses and programmers cut their teeth on them.


Sure, there are a ton of Sinclair-specific sites out there already, and that's fine. But if we had one here, it would help with giving another point of focus to the folks who straddle both the Sinclair and Atari parts of the world.

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Third. I'm not a big fan myself, but I agree that it's culturally significant, and if it brings in more European discussion, that would be nice treat. I would expect it to include the ZX-81 as well as color Spectrum machines. 


My first computer that I owned was a Timex Sinclair 1000. It had the computing power of a digital watch but it sure was versatile and it was instrumental in sparking my imagination about what computers could do. Too bad about the games, though!



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Just exhuming this thread to re-check on the possibility of a Sinclair subforum being implemented.


While the Spectrum and its relatives have no shortage of other forums out there (much like many of the machines discussed here), it is of historic significance and has a solid retrocomputing userbase with a decent amount of crossover into Atari and other systems.


Additionally, in the three years since the original request was placed, the Atari and Spectrum worlds have drawn closer due to the FujiNet's implementation of TNFS, which has its origins on the the ZX Spectrum.  From that standpoint, being able to discuss interoperability concerns amongst TNFS users and developers in one location would certainly be useful, particularly as the FujiNet expands its multiplatform capabilities.

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On 11/17/2022 at 11:37 AM, Flojomojo said:

Seeing that it's been 3 years with no movement, might I suggest https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/forums/

Yup.  Just happened to run across this thread while searching for something else and decided to re-float the idea.  If it goes nowhere, it's not like there's a dearth of other places for the Sinclair crowd to gather.

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Traditionally, I thought AtariAge opens up subforums for (1) systems with a significant presence in North America, (2) systems which turns out to generate very many discussion threads or (3) systems for which there exists few or no other online communities, e.g. AA becomes a foster home. While I enjoy the Sinclair computers, it doesn't seem to me that those match either of the three criteria. I know other forums tend to make subforums for every possible brand in advance, hoping someone will fill it with content but it also makes it look like a dead place with many sections barely used.

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