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Broken PowerSupply 1040STfm


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Good afternoon,


Whilst during my youth I was obliged due to school to use a PC , I was very jealous of the Atari ST and it's form factor.

So after starting with PowerPC's 5 years ago , and a 130XE 2 years ago, I found a "marked as broken/dead" Atari 1040 ST with no bidding on eBay.de.


Placed the starting bid of 3,5 EUR , received a shipping quote of 21 EUR, as such for 25 EUR an Atari , which was a 1040STfm, arrived at my doorstep.


I unpacked it, placed it on my desk, plugged in the powercord, thinking oh well, switched on the power, and the power LED worked and I could tell the diskdrive was trying to read a disk and it's LED working.

Wow, did I just buy a declared dead but working STfm for 3,5 EUR shipping not included ?

Since I have no monitor cable , I switched it off, ran to get a RCA cable, connected it to my Funai A1506 using the Television out, and switched it on, but no power LED, no diskdrive, did it die ?


So I'm convinced that the machine worked but something is off with the powersupply.


How can I test this ? Is it worthwhile to just replace the powersupply to be done with it ?


I tried to measure the 12V with the powersupply plugged in but got nothing , using the blue wire and either of the black GND connectors.




Fuse still looks good to me or should I double-check it ?



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You should be able to get 12vdc between the blue and black wires when the power is on. Red should give around 5v.

Disconnect power main and check fuse with VOM with continuity.

You can have the power supply repaired (recapped) or get a third party power supply. Exxos or Centurion would have new replacement supplies.






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