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HSC16 Round 18 Poll

OLD or NEW!  

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  1. 1. A simple choice!

    • Round up of new games
    • English Software's Smash Hits - Vol 1

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Probably a 3 week round


Featuring either:

A selection of new games, just looking at the last two abbuc mags looks like there are several that we've not looked at - and others including an update of The Last V8, Fruity Pete, Bocianoric, Radar Rat Race, Wasteland and others, see fandal's site and page down through the monthly "News Archive"




English Software's Smash Hits - Volume 1 : Jet Boot Jack, Firefleet, Dan Strikes Back, Captain Sticky's Gold (PAL), Hyperblast





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My vote this time rather is "whatever" since neither of the new games nor the English Software collection really jumped out to me at a first glance. The reason I picked new games is to motivate the development of homebrew more than I'd look forward to playing anything in particular. Hopefully I'm wrong, whichever way the poll goes.

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LOL just when I thought I'd got things here under control this is released:


So do we want to hit Jet Set Willy 2019 next instead or wait for it's NTSC version to be released and then play it - McKong do you think you can hold off playing it?!!!


Then my game Block on Legs: First Steps can be released after the abbuc compo so thats near the end of Oct too!


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Wow I had no idea this was in the pipeline. Jet Set Willy is a tough game to complete. I never played it on the spectrum but had a port on my phone a few years ago and it was pretty difficult. 


I was looking forward to playing Jet Boot Jack again if it wins the poll, but I'm happy to play what other people want 

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Hm, English Software is an interesting label. With respect to that I might have missed some game or format, it would seem their entire library consisted of 46 games, ordered as follows:


Atari 8-bit: 33 games + 7 compilations (26 exclusive to the Atari)

C64: 16 games (8 exclusive)

Amstrad CPC: 5 games (1 exclusive)

Electron: 4 games (0 exclusive)

BBC Micro: 3 games (0 exclusive)

ZX Spectrum: 2 games (0 exclusive)

Amiga: 2 games (0 exclusive)

Atari ST: 2 games (0 exclusive)


Their last game was Leviathan in 1987 for C64, CPC, Spectrum, Amiga and Atari ST (ironically not for the A8), then they disappeared from the market as per comments on Mobygames.

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