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2019 HSC Rd.3 - Galaga


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Round 3 we celebrate Bosses Day with Galage on Expert mode! Why? Because of those bosses that try to steal your ships!

Bonus game is Planet Smashers on Easy mode.


Round ends October 18, 2019.


Round 3 totals-


10 Oyamafamily 126,910

 9 BydoEmpire 68,660

 8 AtariFever 63,830

 7 Troff 48,440

 6 Toiletunes 45,190

 5 Dr.Moocowz 43,410

 4 RoadRunner 41,990

 3 JBlenkle 24,340


Planet Smashers

5 Oyamafamily 1,047,125

4 Toiletunes 210,050

3 Dr.Moocowz 164,100


Points as of round 2:

28 OyamaFamily

21 Dr Moocowz

21 Toiletunes

17 AtariFever

17 LidLikesIntellivision

10 JBlenkle

06 BydoEmpire


For Round 4, we will celebrate the World Series by NOT playing any baseball games (whew!)


Scores will be updated 10/7/19

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BONUS: Planet Smashers, Easy mode  1,047,125





VIDEO (approximately 30 minutes, recorded via camera featured on my Android smartphone)



00:00 - My username at AtariAge

00:03 - Prosystem Emulator startup

00:07 - Title select

00:10 - Variation select: Difficulty EASY and one player

00:13 - Start of run

03:32 - Boss #1 by collecting Purple, Green and Yellow capsules

07:46 - Boss #2 by collecting Green, Red and Blue capsules

11:52 - Boss #3 by collecting Yellow, Blue and Green capsules

15:36 - Boss #4 by collecting Blue, Yellow and Red capsules

19:29 - Boss #5 by collecting Red, Green and Blue capsules

23:45 - Boss #6 by collecting Yellow, Purple and Red capsules

28:13 - Boss #7 (Final Boss) by collecting Red, Purple and Green capsules

29:27 - End of run at 1,047,125 points by defeating the Final Boss; at this moment I used PAUSE feature (F4 key) just to show my final score clearly

Performed on October 12th, 2019

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7 hours ago, BydoEmpire said:

Any chance you could update the original post with the leaderboard for each round?  The overall standings are nice, but it'd be cool to see how each round stacked up. No worries if you don't have time to do it, just asking.

Will do.

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