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Astrosmash sequel / remake of sorts


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I was just thinking about how most Mattel programmed Intellivision games played at such a choppy framerate, and then one thing led to another, and I started making an Astrosmash clone with the goal of smoother gameplay, and maybe a steeper difficulty curve.   This is not finished, but figured maybe someone might be interested in trying it out.


There is a lot missing still, and I keep contemplating different ideas to further enhance the game, once the base gameplay is in tact.


Some of these ideas are a challenge mode (survival for so many seconds, no shooting, game over after so many meteors get past), power ups (wide shot, shield, bombs), shops in between stages to purchase more lives or power ups, different stage backgrounds, more enemy types (still missing the UFO and the homing missile, but figured enemy ships and maybe large bosses could be a thing).  


Anyways, just some ideas, I have a lot of nostalgia for the original game, so hopefully no one is offended by this.  A ROM image and source is attached.


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Thank you!

I have since added a bit more to make it closer to the original game.  Some bugs have been fixed, UFOs, and missile enemies have been added, as well as more animation, explosions for enemies, and the backgrounds now change color when the level increases.  The score doesn't move backwards yet, although I am uncertain if I want to keep that from the original game. 


I am still trying to determine how I can add additional content, but will probably work towards original ideas in a later release.  I keep leaning towards having stages work differently, maybe each stage is a couple minutes in length and between stages having a shop to purchase upgrades, such as speed ups, hyperspace, extra lives, and larger weapons using money earned from destroying enough enemies.


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