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30 years of Nintendon't - new game for genesis


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Hello everybody.


The Mega Drive / Genesis turns 30 years old! To celebrate this birthday, Coté Gamers is releasing a cartridge with 3 brand new games:
- 30 Years of Nintendon’t: use your knowledge of the Mega Drive / Genesis to convince players that it’s way better than the NES and the SNES!
- Break An Egg: juggle with eggs to guide them to safety without letting them fall off!
- MeteoRain: will you be quick enough to avoid all the meteorites?

With this compilation, you’ll finally be able to say that your "Genesis Does!”




The link to buy the game ► http://cotegamers.com/shop/en/genesis-mega-drive/43-test.html


If you prefer to buy the game by PM or mail, don't hesitate we will help you.


Please note that you can buy the game with a cheap shipping method : "Books and brochures". You'll pay around 7$ to receive the game in USA/ Canada or in Europe.




What is it about ?


As a Sega evangelist, you'll have to convince players to leave their NES console and avoid the SNES because "Genesis does what Nintendon't". How much market share can you earn thanks to your knowledge of the Megadrive / Genesis games library?



Break An Egg (Bonus Game 1)

Eggs are falling from the sky!
Move your chicken to make them bounce into the basket.
If an egg touches the ground, you loose!
How many eggs can you rescue?




MeteoRain (Bonus Game 2)

Meteors are falling from the sky!
Avoid them to make an high score!
How long can you survive?

The final version of this game is not yet available freely on the Internet, so you’ll be the first one to play it if you buy the cartridge!




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Hi everyone, I'm the creator of these three games, and Tanuki here is the publisher!


You may remember "30 Years of Nintendon't" as it was released for free online last year to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Genesis / Mega Drive. It took more than a year to finally have the game available on cartridge, but you'll also get new new fun arcade games as a bonus! :)


I really hope you enjoy this physical release and the three games I made.

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Hi everyone!


Just a reminder that the preorder period will close around November 15th, so if you want to grab a physical copy, now is your chance:


Indeed, the sales numbers are very low, so it's unlikely that there will be any extra copy available for sale after the preorder period, nor another run in the future. So even if it wasn't the plan, it seems that it'll become a "limited edition" after all! ?

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Hello everybody.


Just to say we should receive our carts soon (from USA ^^).

All the other elements are ready.


That means we should send the game this month as planned !

But beware, here in France we experience massive strikes and troubles... If everything get worse, perhaps we'll have to ship in august ^^ (just kiddiiiing ;) )

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