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HSC16 Round 18: ESC's Smash Hits Vol 1

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English Software's Smash Hits - Volume 1

I love it when a plan comes together... to celebrate the return of PRO(C) ATARI MAGAZINE which has a review of these games by your's truly we have an extended HSC round. Please support the magazine and buy the T-Shirt and Magazine package if you can to support the cause. My order is placed!


Fandal has XEX versions of the games:

Jet Boot Jack, Firefleet, Dan Strikes Back, Captain Sticky's Gold, Hyperblast



Atarimania has Info on the games

Atarionline.pl has many versions of the games, for JBJ try "Jet Boot Jack (1983)(English Software)(GB).xex"


Jet Boot Jack - start on Skill 1 or P (has no creatures) if you find that too difficult. Pull down to jump to dislodge bugs, push up to move the lifts or sliders.

Firefleet - still has that incredibly hard bit so I don't expect anyone to finish it. Grab screenshot of how far you get as scoring is flawed or use the video on Post #17 to identify how far you got.

Dan Strikes Back - is completable.

Captain Stick'y Gold - great game. Ctrl-1 is pause.

Hyperblast - no autofire unless you have hand trouble (please say when posting if you used autofire)


Scoring to follow, possibly JBJ as the main game and the others as bonuses.


Round ends Thursday 31st October 10am UK time, Halloween no less!

Everyone welcome to play!

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Ok, I played them all, so here are my first offerings:


JBJ:  6,325

FF:  8,080

DSB:  2,000

CSG:  1,650

HB:  2,620


All in all, they're pretty fun.  Firefleet is not one of my faves right now.  I'm really taking a liking to Capt. Sticky's Gold, though.  

JBJ 6325.png

FF 8080.png

DSB 2000.png

CSG 1650.png

HB 2620.png


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my Hall of Fame on Capt. Sticky's Gold seems to be kind of screwy.  Might need to download a different copy.

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On 10/9/2019 at 6:23 PM, Deteacher said:

Ok, I played them all, so here are my first offerings:


All in all, they're pretty fun.  Firefleet is not one of my faves right now.  I'm really taking a liking to Capt. Sticky's Gold, though. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my Hall of Fame on Capt. Sticky's Gold seems to be kind of screwy.  Might need to download a different copy.

Wonder if that's the disk copy of the game and it saves hscs?  Yes I really like CSG too :)

On 10/10/2019 at 10:05 PM, slx said:

Capt. Sticky 780 (Highscore screen does not seem to come back)


Liking the small section screenshots slx :thumbsup:

You just have to play again to see it!


Played JBJ 1-1 through to skill 3-1 score 125,700

and CSG had a few goes reached 1-4 score 3,780 was my best so far. On the last go I had one fish left so I thought I'd be ok and you can guess the rest!  Anyone looking to pause the game it's Ctrl-1 !


Firefleet - we'd better grab screenshots of how far we got to as scoring is flawed.




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16 hours ago, McKong said:

Although I've played it quite a few times over the years, I only worked out the other day that you could shoot stuff on Captain Sticky's!


Fish Blasting Fun!


Added a bonus challenge for FireFleet - highest score on 1st man. I'm planning to disassemble this game and see if I can fix that tricky bit, but, still busy with Block on Legs:First Steps, now up to 20 levels but it takes a lot of time tuning them and still annoying bug with the repositioning the man when he falls off! Movement is much better now and game is fun. @RT will be a final doc update when I'm done ;)

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Had a quick look at FireFleet with a sector editor (didn't disassemble it) and blatted what I thought was some map data and yes it caused a hole, so might be able to identify uber hard bit if we get that far.


109,820 Reached just before the join on the coloured squares, need to get left in the gap to clear the squares ahead.



Dan Strikes Back 3,160 11,130 17,680 got to the 5th of the 6 screens the one with the side doors, didn't last long here!



Hyperblast! 6,560 hopefully this button mashing will clear out the firebutton on my quickshot so it works properly again!



Capt. Sticky (1-5) 4,410


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I think the game would be much more playable for people if you didn't get set back each time you lost a life.


Anyway from your screenshot I got to the same place as you, the bit where you have to shoot out the middle block but the channel is too narrow to do so, so you need to do it before you enter

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First Tables

We'll make this tournament scoring for all games 1pt per place (might change!)

for FIREFLEET please say where you got to on the video playthrough on post 17 and we can use this for the table :)

Jet Boot Jack

  1st   therealbountybob           172,300     6
  2nd   McKong                      93,250     5
  3rd   Deteacher                    7,050     4
  4th   RedThunder                   6,150     3
  5th   slx                          5,675     2
  6th   carlsson                     1,800     1

Captain Sticky's Gold
  1st   therealbountybob             6,130     6
  2nd   McKong                       3,730     5
  3rd   Deteacher                    2,630     4
  4th   carlsson                       890     3
  5th   slx                            780     2
  6th   RedThunder                     310     1

Dan Strikes Back
  1st   therealbountybob            22,540     5
  2nd   Deteacher                    2,630     4
  3rd   RedThunder                   2,600     3
  4th   slx                          2,140     2
  5th   carlsson                     2,060     1

  1st   therealbountybob             6,560     6
  2nd   Sikor                        5,620     5
  3rd   Deteacher                    4,740     4
  4th   RedThunder                   2,840     3
  5th   carlsson                     1,380     2
  6th   slx                          1,040     1

  1st   McKong              3m16s  150,000     6
  2nd   therealbountybob           109,820     5
  3rd   RedThunder                  22,280     4
  4th   Deteacher                    8,080     3
  5th   carlsson                     7,920     2
  6th   slx                          7,390     1


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Firefleet - 29770 pts. I'm not exactly sure how far I got, but about 1:40 2:15 into the reference video including the attract mode at the beginning.




Edit: Looking at the video again, the game lasts pretty much exactly 4 minutes if you take the exact right paths and don't get hit. It is almost like the Last V8 in that respect.


Edit 2: I got further into the game (2:15), but lower score due to I only reached there once. Actually your start point moves forward after the first stage so in part it behaves like McKong wished for.

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18 hours ago, Mangia-Boy said:

I was only able to open the first game...


emulation? did you try the XEX files from fandal's site?

You might try Homesoft who has ATR's with the games on:


If anyone finds an actual disk ATR of Smash Hits please post a link.


I noticed the sound for collecting notes in JBJ is not correct on some versions.

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