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Flashback X found (in the wild) today!

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Found an Atari Flashback X in a store here (Brisbane, Australia) for AU$20 the other day (they're still AU$89 here) and was stoked.


My four and two year old were playing Combat on it when i was testing it, now to test my old joystick collection on it, including my two sets of OG Paddles. :)


Really wouldn't mind a Legends one, haven't seen those anywhere here!

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Umm, so I know the world has been thrown on it's head, but has there been a consensus as to who was selling the FBX besides Sam's Club?  I checked months ago but couldn't find ANY Family Dollar's that had them.  I didn't have a Sam's account so I couldn't buy it there.

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21 hours ago, original_gamer said:

The only retailer in my locality to carry them was Priceless IGA Grocery. Here is a pic from a few weeks ago when they were put on clearance.  I always find it fascinating to observe the (short) retail lifespan of a product.

IGA - Atari.JPG

Can you pick one up for me?  Ha ha ha!  I emailed AtGames, will see what they say.  Saw a few on Ebay but they were either double the MSRP or had box damage.

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On 10/11/2019 at 8:40 PM, ACML said:

Heard of Retron 77?  


Retron 77: With upgraded community SD card image firmware


1)  Runs Stella 6 so you can play Space Rocks and recent home brews

2)  Has SD card so you can have unlimited games, plays all home brews

3)  Has Stella 6 interface so it looks like your on a PC

4)  Works with stock CX-30 paddles

5)  Has cartridge slot so it play many original cartridges

6)  Has a first rate joystick w/10ft cord


No brainer




Definitely a no brainer! 

Will it work with the original Pitfall II cartridge? 

I had the Atari Flashback 9 Gold which, before it stopped working, had Pitfall II - the first Flashback model I have seen that supports the game! I wonder how they did it. 

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On 11/9/2019 at 3:27 PM, onmode-ky said:

>>The chip on the other side of the processor, which has what I think is "9FU1G8F2AMGI" printed on it, well, I couldn't find any datasheets on it, but some Chinese pages say it's a 128-MB NAND flash memory chip. 

I realize this is an old thread but it has incomplete hardware info.

Let's fix that....

I checked my FBX here and probed the flash ROM. Based on the position of the power and ground pins it appears to be a common TSOP48 128Mb NAND flash ROM with a common pinout. If you look up HY27UA081G1M you'll find the pinout that matches the ROM used in the FBX.

The interesting thing is the chip is supported by the TL866II+ eprom programmer. This not only programs chips but can read them too.
I'll leave you to figure out why someone might want to do that ;-)



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