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Wich type of game would you like to see on ColecoVision?


Wich type of games would you like to see on ColecoVision?  

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  1. 1. Wich type of games would you like to see on ColecoVision?

    • Original games
    • Arcade conversions
    • MSX/SG-1000 conversions
    • Old PC (DOS) games conversions
    • Phoenix Exclusive games
    • Others (Write it down below)

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I voted:


Arcade Conversions: Because there are still a lot of old arcade games that would be perfectly at home on the ColecoVision.


Phoenix Exclusives: Because of the integrated F18A, we can have games that display 32 sprites on any scanline without any flicker, and that alone opens up quite a lot of possibilities (I'm thinking Bubble Bobble in particular, or also a redux of Popeye). There's also hardware-based scrolling that creates even more opportunities for games that could never be done on the standard ColecoVision. Lots and lots of potential in that little clone console.  :) 


Others: Because we're still waiting for several Coleco vaporware titles to be worked on and eventually released, like Wild Western, Skiing, Dracula, and more. And there are also quite a few Atari 2600 games that could be brought over to the Phoenix, with added features.


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Definitely arcade conversions and original games ( or a blend of both). Original games should capture the essence of 1982-86 feel. After watching the IT movie and with Halloween is coming,  I would suggested a platform game about a kid trapped in an haunted arcade fighting demon clowns- that would be nice. There is plenty of room for ideas.

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With my Phoenix coming soon, I'm hoping to see some games that take advantage of the f18a compatibility. Enhanced and smooth scrolling versions of Vanguard, R-type and Gradius would be nice.  Would also love ports of Satan's Hollow and Bubble Bobble.  Always happy to see original games too.

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I would LOVE to see more Arcade conversions and original games!!  So many possibilities on the Colecovision where arcade games would port over very well to the CV and also with the power of Phoenix, I know there are games that would be "Arcade Perfect"!!  

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Assuming your poll meant to say "which type of game would you liek to see on the Phoenix", I would select "Phoenix exclusive", if only so we can see the potential of this new console.  Personally would love to see any games that take advantage of the hardware so that we could have smooth scrolling.  

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Arcade ports are what made the CV so popular BITD so why deviate from something so tried and true. Although I really loved the 2600 ports of Kaboom, Frostbite and Adventure and would love to see the best of the best 2600 games get ported with enhanced graohics and gameplay.


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There's some C64 games I'd love to see ported over. Toy Bizarre (only ever on C64 and...ZX Spectrum???) are Pogo Joe and two the Colecovision could probably run.


Other than that, arcade conversions are always welcome. If it wasn't for the CV I'd never have know about some arcade games until years later (pretty sure I still haven't ever seen a Looping cabinet) so that route let's say...Zookeeper and maybe Mr Do's Wild Ride for the Do Trilogy (I don't think anyone would want Do Run Run).

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Except for the license problem i would love to see a Raiders of the Lost ark clone of the atari game but in colecovision or f18a enhanced. 


Obviously it would have to be ip altered to something like "raiders of the last pork" or something.


Kings quest


and  ET   except again for ip issues maybe PET and he needs to find a pet computer to contact home.

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I voted for MSX conversions. There's tons of cool MSX games that were never released here so they might as well be originals for all we know, we never saw the MSX versions. This is the most practical route to quickly get completed games to CV fans, instead of starting from scratch over and over. 


After MAME I couldn't care less about new arcade conversions on the CV. 

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8 hours ago, funcool said:

I would like to see Tron Arcade (1982) if possible.


The Tron arcade game uses a joystick and a paddle, and both are used simultaneously by the player (for moving and aiming at the same time). You'd need a dedicated controller for a game like that, not even the Roller Controller would fit the bill. I suppose the controller input could be simplified in a ColecoVision/Phoenix version, but you'd lose a lot of the arcade experience in the process.


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