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Introducing Pea Man!

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Pea Man is a pea. He goes around eating other peas smaller than him. Yes, I know the peas are red, but I will change them to be green soon. I tried to make Pea Man move the same way the other game does (keep going until you bump into a wall) but I couldn't do it, so I made it this way. I will also add enemies to avoid (that AREN'T ghosts. Perhaps a carrot or something.) I will also try to have bigger mazes and other neat stuff. This is just me working on level 1.

The genesis for the game is an old abandonware game I had as a kid involving this kind of thing happening. The character never took off. I guess you-know-who stopped them from making more. I am trying though, to make differences between it and the other game with that yellow fellow in it.



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It would be neat to just have Pea-Man keep going until hitting a wall.  That would add a puzzle element to the game, with or without enemies.  A number of games have been made based on that idea already, so level ideas should be easy to find.


You said you couldn't do it.  Were you having programming issues?  I would guess the implementation is as simple as disallowing user input until Pea-Man stops moving.

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Added lives and changed a bunch of stuff. Tell me what you think.

I'll add more. MUCH more. A whole bunch of different levels, a story line, and other stuff.

Right now, Pea Man is in a haunted house, which is the reason for the eerie sounding music.


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Good start so far, looking forward to see where you go with this. I like the music, a lot of video game music I find annoying after a while but the spooky theme is subtle enough not to do this.

Does the carrot change behaviour when the pea gets closer yet? Doesn't really seem to try and chase you yet.

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The carrot goes around randomly around the maze and doesn't try to chase you. I don't know how I would do that yet still keep the carrot from going through the walls or some other thing. I added a placeholder title screen and an intro to level 1. I think this is enough for tonight. Will do some more later.



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A few ideas:


* In some dot gobbler games, the enemies eat dots as much as the hero does. If you make it so, each level could last until all dots are eaten, and a minimum percentage (or amount) to advance to the next level, something like a Qix element. I remember Billy the Ball you were working on before with a such requirement. Perhaps in cases where you don't reach the minimum amount, have some mechanism that will regrow peas in order for Pea-Man to eventually advance.


* Even if the carrot doesn't eat small peas, it might determine to stick to parts of the maze where there are peas, to protect them from Pea-Man. It would make it very hard to get that last pea though, so you'd need some mechanism to lure away the carrot, unless you want to go with the power pea route and simply eat the carrot.


* For a hunting mechanism, I'm sure there are examples online how to do it. You could use Bresenham's line algorithm to calculate the distance and direction, and try to have the carrot move there. In cases where it is stuck, it would have to move the other direction and take a detour while maintaining its original direction. Of course as Pea-Man keeps moving, it would have to recalculate all the time. As mentioned, somewhere there ought to be algorithms for how to do this efficiently.


* In a game like K.C. Munchkin but also Ladybug etc, there are doors in the maze or it otherwise is shifting. You might want to experiment with this mechanic as well. Then you have the Bomberman mechanics to open holes in the maze, the Rally-X mechanics to block the enemies from passing for a short while etc, more games that I didn't mention. Simply put you have tons of options of taking a bit here and there to make it different from other dot gobblers.

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I need help.

I designed level 2 but apparently

    if CONT.UP and movetimer=0 THEN
        #card = #backtab((many - 16) / 8 * 20 + (manx -  /  AND $0FF8
        IF #card = 319 * 8 THEN dir=0 : move=0  else dir=1 : move=1
        doieatdot=((many - 16) / 8 * 20 + (manx -  / 
        IF #card = 318 * 8 THEN #score=#score+1 : sfxon=1 : dots=dots-1 : print at doieatdot color $0002, "\316" : gosub writescore    
    end if

does not work if the background color is YELLOWGREEN (color #15). It just ignores the card backtab settings and you can go anywhere you want. How do I fix this?

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Never mind. I fixed it myself. I had to change it to MODE 0.

So now level 1 looks like this:


Which isn't quite as fancy (the bricks have no mortar), but I had to change it.

Once level 1 is completed, you move on to level 2:


Pea-Man got out of his house and went to the park, only to find the carrots were there as well!


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I had a hard time falling asleep last night. So I thought I might as well work on this game some more. I added a level 3. I'm very close to reaching the 16k point. I assume all I need to do is put "ASM ORG $D000" once I reach it? It's been so long since I made a game larger than 16k that I forgot. Some other stuff added as well:

+ changed Pea-Man's mouth animation.

+ made a lovely title screen.

+ at the title screen, press 1 to start at level 1, 2 for level 2 and 3 for level 3. (this will be removed from the final version)

+ every 200 points gets you an extra life.


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Definitely harder now, carrot seems way faster than the pea when it actually chases you, though on first level it seems to get stuck in the loop on the right side of the screen

so you can clear the rest of the maze no problem, but then clearing that last loop is very hard.  

Not sure what the method is for having the carrot chase you but it seems to get stuck most of the time until you get very close to it.

I feel like it should be more actively coming after you when you are on the left side of the screen.


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The way it is now with the carrot chasing after Pea-Man is too hard for me, so I decided to put in an "easy" mode. Right now I have it in easy mode so I can actually complete what I have so far. You can experience the hard mode by changing the "easymode" variable to 0 in line 46 of the code. When the game is finished, pressing 1 will begin the easy mode and pressing 2 will begin the hard mode. I also added some music in level 4. Next on the to-do list, level 5 music.


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Level 5 music and level 6 added. The game starts in easy mode, but if you want a hard challenge, press "clear" on the title screen, which will start you in the (I think) impossible mode. The keypad still works for now, but past level 9 I'll have to do some changes to the way the temporary testing mode works.

By the way, if you press clear twice on the title screen, it will revert back to easy mode. So pressing clear does not start the game. I also made it so once the keypad keys are DEPRESSED the game starts on the level selected, but that's a moot point since the keypad level number starting at won't be in the final version.


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