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Introducing Pea Man!

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I made it to the graveyard level in version 34 ROM and found a couple of graphical issues along the way:

- On the Egyptian level, the title card completely glitches out on me and I can't see the pyramid graphic or any of the other elements of the interlude screen. This did not occur for me on the version 31 ROM. 

- I am only able to see the top half of Peter on the Iceland level title card 


One additional suggestion I have: It would be nice if one could set separate volumes for the music and sound effects via the Options screen. While I like the music, it can become overpowering for some. 


In case it helps, I am running the game on an Intellivision II via the LTO Flash cart.

Thank you for implementing some of the suggestions I mentioned earlier in this version of the ROM. The options as a separate screen and providing default settings does make a difference.



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