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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2019 thread


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On 10/31/2019 at 1:52 PM, carlsson said:

Since the logotype is green, I am rather thinking about the Grinch which perhaps is fitting for modern day Atari... (about to venture offtopic now)

I missed this comment. Must have been when it went to Page 2. Yes we won't mention the Atari console that will be forever vaporware IMO... (stop changing specs, manufacturers, etc and just release the damn thing or refund everyone)


So Christmas comments only!


The green was just the way I found it. I NEANDERTHAL I NO DO PHOTOSHOP... I only search online and use pics I like. ?


NO GRINCH this year only good Santas at AtariAge! :)




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** In my opinion
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13 hours ago, Grig said:

I am getting some absolutely fantastic responses this year about who you are and what you like.

Everyone wants to have a good time and enjoys giving.

OK people.... here's the scoop....


Grig is stalking you all and you're making it SUPER EASY!!!! Run!!! Hide!!!! Have a first-born (if you don't already) and sacrifice the child for your survival!!


Oh and:



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