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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2019 thread


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51 minutes ago, carlsson said:

I dug into the candy early on, but saved the wrapped gifts for actual Christmas. I think many might be doing the same, at least as long as the gifts are individually wrapped.

I tried to do that as well. I was 100% successful in eating the candy as soon as the package arrived and I think I opened my gifts about a week before Christmas.


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15 hours ago, chicgamer said:

Last year, I was urged by my Secret Santa to go ahead and open my gifts, so I gave in and opened them early. I may wait until at least Christmas Eve this year.

Life is busy, doubly so around Xmas. If you have free time to indulge yourself and have some fun, I say make the most of it - that's just me, not endorsing it for anyone else :)

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Whenever I hear "Look at the bright side," whether it's the Christmas Season or not, this gag always comes to mind...



... also happens to be from one of the best Christmas specials ever made, IMHO.


All my items have been gathered (despite a minor setback from an eBay purchase that did not accurately match the description -had to get a little crafty to solve that). Now it's time to wrap things up, as they say. 


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